My Year To Thrive

"My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style." ~Maya Angelou

The Meetings Will Continue Until Morale Improves… Progress Check

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You’ve got to say, I think that if I keep working at this and want it badly enough I can have it.  It’s called perseverance.
Lee Iacocca~ (Healthy Living @ Shine)

Jan 2011 Progress pics

It was in the 30s out & my camera was giving me issues, so ignore the unpleasantness I was radiating when these pics were taken.

So, I had a good week I am proud to report!  The last Weight Watchers meeting I had attended was before Christmas, so it had been three weeks.  I had also not tracked or exercised much, or mostly at all, in that time, & had eaten out a lot; so naturally I was nervous.  But I was also hopeful.  I felt thinner.  That’s gotta count for something, right?  I had gained 1.6 pounds at the last weigh-in, so I was doubly hoping for a loss this time; at least enough to balance out what I had gained.

Good news!  I lost two pounds:~D  Enough to cancel out the prior bounce and then some.  Could not have been happier.  Well… maybe if it had been three, but no sense in getting greedy.  Steady, sensible, organic; that’s the sort of weight loss I need.  The kind that comes from “living” the plan as my meeting leader pointed out last night.  I definitely do not want to get gain it all back because I didn’t learn my lessons the first time (notice the plural).  She talked about how it was normal to gain some weeks; she had seen very few people who had not bounced along the way.  Most of those people had gone on to regain the weight because they had been too strict in losing it, not creating a long-term livable plan for themselves, and couldn’t maintain the diet or the loss.  Getting fat once is bad enough – but twice?  I don’t think I have it in me to go through this again.  I am after all a delicate flower.

So, a lovely list of my progress from the past week:

  • Lost two pounds!  This took me from 253 to 251.  This makes a total of 19.2 pounds lost, & leaves me 7.8 pounds to my first 10% goal & 109 pounds to my goal weight.
  • Tracked every day since I started back on Sunday.
  • Stayed OP (On Point) every day I tracked (with the exception of Wednesday, which I chose to use my weekly points on some nummy Chinese buffet – & yes, I counted every thing I ate, & had water to drink.  Go me!)
  • Got in more fruits & veggies than I had previously – loving the 0pts fruits & most veg:~)
  • Signed up for a tennis class that starts Tuesday.  I’m so excited!  Hope I love it & can find someone around me to play with on a fairly regular basis.
  • Started this blog;~)  Every day I work on this, I have to re-examine & reconnect with my goals, my progress, & just why is it I’m doing this to myself.

And the list of how I’d like next week to go:

  • Lose one pound (at least).  This will put me over 20 pounds lost & I will have earned back my last five pound star. (I am thankful that my current leader doesn’t seem interested in taking back the bookmarks from members who gain back the weight they got stickers for.  At one place I joined they did this & it horrified me.  A big reason I tend to skip meetings after I’ve gained – fear!  Anyone with social anxiety knows what I’m talking about.)  My birthday is the end of February & I’m planning to meet my 10% in time for a double celebration.
  • Continue tracking & staying OP every day.
  • Attend my meeting of course!  My #1 WW goal for this year is to attend every week.  I’m such an anti-social slacker!
  • Exercise six days this week.  I went for a one mile walk before the meeting last night, so I’m already ahead of the no days I worked out last week.  I will probably walk each day this week, but they are calling for more snow here this weekend, so I may have to shift to some dvds.  You got to have a back-up plan!  It is also worth mentioning here I’m willing to settle on three days, but have to say six because it’s too easy to procrastinate on days if I’m not committed to every day, or close to it.
  • Plan & cook one healthy dinner this week.  I hate to cook.  Back in the day I cooked a fair bit, but years of living alone ruined it.  Cooking for just yourself is no fun &, imo, too much work.  I ate out a lot.  My dad does the cooking around here.  He is supportive & has improved, but he’s still a man & a country cook so it’s not what I would do if I cooked myself.  Solution?  Cook myself!  But really, he doesn’t fry everything anymore & we get in some vegetables besides potatoes, so that is a major improvement.  Being on a limited budget doesn’t help, but we get the big box from Angel Food Ministries every month & they have lots of frozen veggies & always some chicken & low-fat milk, so that does help a bit.  Considering adding a day for blogging about my cooking efforts.  It might serve as inspiration for others who don’t cook & humor for those who do.
  • Drink more water!  I got 20oz bottles this week & my goal is to drink two a day; eventually building up to three which is about two liters.
  • Look into joining a gym.  There isn’t much around here, but a neighboring town has a gym for ladies that is only $30/mo, $25 if you join with a buddy.  No one has ever been there when I went by, but apparently you have to catch the owner at her day job.   Sat by a lady last night who just joined & they have classes in the evenings, along with exercise machines & a set up so you can bring in your own dvds to do.  This would be nice since I have a Bollywood workout I can’t do because I don’t have nearly the floor space for it.  She also pointed out to me they have tanning beds members can use, too.  I guess she thought this ghostly pallor is just my winter nontan.  It’ll be next month before I can join though because the class was my extra money this month.

So that’s it; progress made & progress planned.  I have a busy week ahead of me!  More than anything I need to stay motivated & consistent.

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