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Lean Cuisine Market Creations Asiago Cheese Tortelloni

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“One of the very nicest things about life is the way we must regularly stop whatever it is we are doing and devote our attention to eating.”
~Luciano Pavarotti & William Wright, Pavarotti, My Own Story
(Food Quotes)

Lean Cuisine Market Selections Asiago Cheese Tortelloni bowl, image from

Lean Cuisine Market Selections Asiago Cheese Tortelloni with tomatoes, yellow & green zucchini, & yellow carrots in a tomato vodka sauce, images from

I had this for the first time at lunch today, & adding my dinner points to my etools on the Weight Watchers site, I randomly decided to review it here for you!  So excuse that I don’t have a pic of it plated, but I doubt you’d want to see it now anyway…  I do however have pics from the Lean Cuisine website.

Lean Cuisine Asiago Cheese Tortelloni bag from LeanCuisine.comThis was something new to me in my grocer’s freezer, steam-in-the-bag Lean Cuisine meals.  I have been loving steam-in-the-bag veggies for a while & have had some regular meals, but this was the first single serving light meal I had seen like this, so  I was intrigued.  I’ve mentioned before I’m not a cook, so I’m a fan of single-serving frozen meals – though not too big of a fan given their high sodium content.   According to my receipt I paid $2.50 for the bag, not counting tax.  Too bad I never take any of my coupons with me, but I only bought a couple of meals for the week anyway.

So, fast forward to today where we were blasted with snow over night & I couldn’t think of a really good reason to bother getting out of bed this morning.  While searching my mind for any reason with enough pull, I realized I was hungry; it was after noon.  My mind flashed on the cheese filled pasta in my freezer.  It took a little more time for me to get adjusted to the idea of officially waking up, but I did.

The bag recommended 5mins on high for an 1100 watt nuke & 8mins for a 700.  I don’t know what ours is, but it’s a big one, so I guessed 5mins.  That seemed to do the trick.  It also says to let it stand for a minute before opening; I gave it a bit longer than that so it would be sufficiently cooled for my palate.  (Some people think not eating my food hot is weird, but I prefer patience to pain.)  From there I cut the bag open.  The first drawback for me: no tear spot so had to use actual scissors to open it; a very minor issue.

On the plate, it looked nice & appealing.  Better than the above pic from their site in my opinion.  Everything was saucier & the sauce was thicker than the the picture shows it.  Most diet oriented frozen meals suffer from a lack of sauce in my experience, so this was a nice change.  The tortellonis were a good size.  Big enough to cut in half, doubling the number of bites you get.  Always a plus:-)  One thing cutting them in half did highlight for me was a slight rubbery quality to the pasta around the edges.  I was using a cheap, plastic fork & it got a little bent up & the process took more work than it should have to cut through a pasta; but not too bad, & nothing I noticed while eating.  The taste was really pleasant.  The cheese was nice, a little sweet, & not heavy.  The sauce had a bright, creamy flavor.  The veggies stood up well, not mushy, & you could actually taste them which is always a good thing (unless it’s corn).  The only thing I’d say about them is MORE!  I could have done with about twice the amount of vegetables.  That would have been great!

In summary:

  • Average price
  • Simple, convenient preparation
  • Need tools to open
  • Nice flavor
  • Good amount of sauce
  • Slightly rubbery texture of pasta
  • Crisp, flavorful veggies
  • Needs more veggies
  • Typically high sodium content
  • Nutrition: 270cals/7g fat/670mg sodium/39g carbs/5g fiber/14g protein (from site, same as on package)
  • Weight Watchers PointsPlus: 7 (based on package nutrition info, calculated using WW etools)

~Just a standard disclosure notice: I don’t work for either Lean Cuisine or Weight Watchers, & was provided no incentive for this review.  I bought & paid for the item myself, & did this just to share something new I enjoyed & to work on my l33t blogging skills.  Thanks for reading!

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