My Year To Thrive

"My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style." ~Maya Angelou

Things I Would Totally Share With You Because You’re Awesome!


“Claim your happiness; dance to your own music”
~Gloria in LA~
(quote from a Dove wrapper I keep on my fridge)

Dove quote wrapper I keep on my fridge.

Here are a few foods I love because they are tasty & kinda good for me:

1. Dove Dark Chocolate Treasures: I was turned on to these by a nutritionist with whom I worked several years ago.  I have never been a big fan of dark chocolate, preferring the sweeter milk & white varieties, but I gave these a try & they changed my tune.  I even have my dad eating them as his goody fix.  For me they rock because a couple of them are enough to supply a chocolate fix, but not sweet enough to set off cravings.  Also, two pieces is only 2PointsPlus for Weight Watchers.  A bargain compared to the alternatives. For him – it’s good for your health!  Numerous studies have show dark chocolate is good for your heart due to high levels of flavonoids (similar to red wine).  According to an article I read a few years ago, no idea where it was but here is a similar one, Dove uses a proprietary process on their cocoa so it retains more/better flavonoids, so much so it is the primary brand used in research on the health benefits of dark chocolate.  On the down side, it’s pricier than other brands & no one in town here sells it anymore.  Ah, the pleasures of rural living.

2. Progresso High Fiber Creamy Tomato Basil Soup: Love, love, LOVE this soup!  Tomato soup was always a favorite of mine, but a decade or so ago it decided to start biting back & giving me heartburn.  I don’t know what the difference is, maybe it’s something in the creamy part of it, but this soup does not (also, great because my mom always put milk in our tomato soup, so extra comforting).  Bonus points for the extra fiber for extra filling!  It has a nice, bright tomato flavor with a creamy, but ever so slightly chunky texture – for a more homemade feel.  The entire can, considered two servings, has only 7PointsPlus, & makes a nice lunch with a 0PP salad (which I like to have with Newman’s Own Lighten Up Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing – nummy! I could drink it).

3. Dannon All Natural Nonfat Plain Yogurt: My mom gave us yogurt as kids, but I always hated it because it was that awful fruit-on-the-bottom stuff that was basically jelly with yogurt poured on top of it.  Too sweet & gross.  Thankfully, yogurt has improved a great deal since those days.  You may already know I am not a cook, & I’m not a morning person either, so breakfast is definitely out, so yogurt is a good go to for my morning meal.  My favorite is plain yogurt.  I like the tartness of it & it’s a blank canvas for whatever flavors I might like to add.  During the summer I love adding fresh berries with Fiber One (or Kashi).  When berries aren’t in season I use pumpkin in their place, a little cinnamon, ginger, & honey – yum!  As for the nonfat, I don’t know what it is, but I have tried regular & low-fat, & they just don’t do anything for me.  It also has to be Dannon, because I haven’t found another brand I liked as well, though I do also like Stoneyfield Farms’ version too, but it’s a bit pricier.

4. Orville Redenbacher 94% Fat Free Kettlecorn mini bags: Who doesn’t love popcorn?  I especially love the salty-sweet combo of kettle corn & the single-serving sized mini bags.  I’m a fan of any food that lets me eat the whole thing without feeling bloated, stuffed, or guilty.  Plus, I finally got the time down for popping it in my microwave without turning it into a smoke-bomb.  Score!

5. Jell-o LiveActive Milk Chocolate Bliss Sugar Free Pudding: People who know me know I love pudding.  Some of them also know I’m trying to break my sugar habit.  This is a new one for me, because they didn’t have my usual sugar-free pudding when I went to the store last, but I’m enjoying it; a creamy, delicious double chocolate layered treat.  The box says it is a good source of calcium – which makes sense since pudding is made from milk – & each cup contains 2g of a “prebiotic fiber called inulin”.  I’m not going to claim to know anything about that, but 3g of fiber in my pudding cup is good.  Just don’t overindulge as it’s made with sugar alcohol & you will pay if you do… (kinda ironic in a product claiming to promote digestive health, but I just eat it because it’s tasty & sugar free.  This could really just say sugar-free pudding cups tbh.)

6. Libby’s 100% Pure Pumpkin Puree: Pumpkin is delicious & versatile, & popular these days!  Canned pureed pumpkin could not be simpler.  It’s 100% pumpkin & nothing else.  That means that it’s 0PP for those of you doing WW.  You can find a lot of recipes with it online, including Hungry Girl’s box brownies made with canned pumpkin in place of oil & eggs (there’s also a recipe for pumpkin pancakes inside that link).  I like to add mine to plain yogurt (as I mentioned above) & to hot cereals.  See?  It’s not just for pies!  I’m going to make the brownies this week & will let you know how they turn out.  One thing to watch out for – make sure you’re getting the 100% pumpkin puree & not the pumpkin pie filling.  The labels are nearly identical (you know, other than one saying “100% pumpkin” & the other saying “pie filling”).

7. Danactive Probiotic Dairy Drink: There’s a lot of controversy around Danactive’s immunity boosting claims, but that’s not why I drink them.  It’s quick, easy, & tasty.  For a quick snack or breakfast when I don’t feel like eating, this works great, especially with a banana.  Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but I often don’t care about eating anything when I get up so this works, or if you’re running late, which I always am, & need something you can take with you.  Plus, it is still yogurt & has the basic yogurt benefits even if it isn’t the super sip they say it is.  Especially nice to have on hand during depressive episodes where you are not inclined to eat.  Puts a little something on your tummy to keep you doing a little better than you would be otherwise.

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