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Friday Fat Check: Damn Snow – Go Away Already! (& free stuff)


“Weather is a great metaphor for life – sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s bad, and there’s nothing much you can do about it but carry an umbrella.”
~Terri Guillemets~
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My Car partially uncovered during The Great Blizzard of 2011

My car partially uncovered. I know that counts as exercise!

Let me just say I’ve been pretty much useless this week.  I haven’t been able to get out of the house all week & so I’ve sat around working on this blog, setting up a Twitter, & generally farting around online.  I did manage to get in three days of exercise though, & I tracked every day faithfully.  I went over points on three days, but still ended the week with plenty of weekly points left & never had to touch my activity points.  I’m claiming that as a success!

I wasn’t able to make it to the Weight Watchers meeting owing to all the ice & snow that has ruined my week, so no weight loss to report, or gain for that matter.  I don’t know if they actually met or not, but I rather doubt it.  If they did have it I’m sure one of the co-leaders ran it & few if any people showed up.  Our leader lives on a nearby mountain & whatever we get is much worse up there.  But, I did get some Weight Watchers goodies today!  My monthly membership card came & with it some PointsPlus stickers.  There are blue diamonds for labeling items 0-7 PointsPlus, & green triangles for marking things as power foods.  Also, on the website today I found a free download of the new Jennifer Hudson song “Feeling Good” for members.  Double score!

Weight Watchers PointsPlus stickers

I ❤ stickers!  I will probably hoard them like the ones I still have from 2nd grade.

Oh yeah, speaking of free music, I also found a free download of a six song The Biggest Loser & Subway Wake-up & Workout Mix.  The songs are not done by the original artists, but they sound really good.  Plus, they’ve all been redone to 128bpm which is handy.  Shout out to for that one.

Also, further reason to damn the snow, the college has been shut down all week because of the weather, so no tennis.  Thankfully it’s supposed to warm up this weekend, just in time to start raining of course, so tennis should be back on for Tuesday.  I’m so excited!

So, on to the weekly recap…

  • No meeting, so no weigh-in
  • Stayed OP for the week.  I dipped into my weekly points three days this week, but still had several left over at the end, plus all my activity points banked.
  • Earned 8 Activity Points over three days.  I walked a mile & stretched two days, & the third day I was snowed in, so I cleared the car off & did some walking around.  One of the days I walked a mile I actually cut two minutes off my usual time because it was in the thirties & I was freezing.  All you can do when it is that cold is move faster!  I impress myself with my dedication.  (I actually kinda like walking when it’s a little cold outside, better than hot especially.)  I went to walk another day, but it was late & no one else was there.  I got out & started warming up, but couldn’t escape this feeling of something being wrong, it was too quiet or something, so I just got in the car & went home.  You gotta stay safe!  Always trust your gut.
  • Grocery slip-up.  Bought more pumpkin puree last week… or so I thought.  Went to have some yogurt with pumpkin & Fiber one over the weekend, & when I opened the can I realized I had gotten pumpkin pie filling instead>_<  I had already spent my money on it, which I do not take lightly, so I decided to eat it anyway & just use half as much (I usually do a cup of pumpkin to a cup of yogurt).  It was very tasty… too tasty.  I was fine for a while, but later in the day I was out running errands & suddenly that pumpkin was all I could think about.  Needless to say I ended up eating the rest of it that night.  Ugh, I felt like crap with all that sugar when I’d been doing pretty good avoiding sugary sweets.  At least it was pumpkin so I can say it was in some part healthy.
  • I never did cook anything this week.  But I have had some healthy influences on what was fixed.  I have something to try this weekend.
  • Did not drink nearly enough water.  Something about all this snow really turned my appetite for water off.
  • Did not get to start my tennis class since the college was closed due to weather & road conditions.
  • Set a 10% goal.  I’m going to have my brows done with I hit my first 10%.  Just eight pounds left to go!
  • Snowbound all week & didn’t kill anyone or otherwise commit violence.  Yay!  (The one day I did get desperate enough to venture out, where did I go?  McDonald’s!  LOL  Oh well, coming back I couldn’t make it up the hill & had to walk back through  the snow.)

And what are my plans for this coming week?

  • Attend my Weight Watchers meeting!  All the snow should be nothing but a bad memory by then, & here’s hoping it isn’t traded for flooding over the roads.
  • Lose one pound.  My goal for this week was also to lose one pound, so when I go to my weigh-in I should show two pounds lost.
  • Track every day & stay OP.
  • Do some healthy(er) baking.  I have the makings of a Hungry Girl treat on hand.
  • Exercise at least three days.  This had better include some tennis!  My Mindbloom tree’s exercise leaf starting turning today, so need to get it back to green.  I also committed to workout three days a week at  If I don’t meet this goal $5 will go to my anti-charity of choice:~/
  • Get in those two bottles of water a day this week.  Finally.

I guess that’s it for my weight loss progress check this week.  Next week’s progress report should show some actual progress!  (progress.  Sorry, just wanted to see if I could use that word again.  NTS: check on a thesaurus.)

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4 thoughts on “Friday Fat Check: Damn Snow – Go Away Already! (& free stuff)

  1. Oh, boy. I love rain, hate snow. I don’t like to drink pure water (unless it’s some fancy, sparkling mineral water). So I always, always add some apple juice to it. Only then can I drink several gallons, lol.

  2. You tracked every day and managed to get in some activity even though you were snowed in. I would DEFINITELY count that as a success! I’m sure the scale will reflect your work!

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