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"My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style." ~Maya Angelou

A Sad, But Successful, Week


I have failed over & over in my life, & that is why I succeed.
~Michael Jordan~ (from Steve_Faus on Twitter)

Creepy displays in the park dressed in children's clothes with children's faces.

This is one of the entirely too many creepy “kids” they have as part of a display in the park where I walk. They are dressed in kids’ clothing & have kids’ faces. There are several of them in one area of the park, some of the peaking out from behind trees. I can’t help but think every time I pass them there could be a homocidal midget hiding in there. I always keep my eye on them & pass quickly.

So, I had a not so good week.  If you’ve read any of my posts this week you know I found out last Friday a friend of mine, who had been ill for some time, took a turn for the worse.  Went into a bit of a panic & binged over the weekend.  It didn’t help I made brownies Sunday, even if they were Hungry Girl brownies.  Wednesday afternoon, she passed away.

I rehash this here, just to say I ate through all my points, even my activity points.  I actually ate into negative points for the week, & had to make sure I went out Wednesday to earn some more activity points & balance it out, lol.  Though, what I can proudly say is, even though I still have occasional binges, they are not near what they were.  I call that a win!

A big part of my journey here is be the one in control of the food, instead of feeling the other way around.  I don’t have to always make the “best” healthy choices, but when I eat this or that it does need to be because I consciously chose to do it; not because of compulsion.  I want to be a healthy person body, mind, & spirit.  Healthful eating & regular activity are vital to that.

Another NSV (Non-Scale Victory) I’d like to report is I started adding jogging intervals into my walks this week.  It started spontaneously on… Sunday I think?  Could have been Monday, but that’s not important.  I’ve gone two more times this week & have done a few intervals around each lap.  Granted I don’t jog any faster than I walk, but I can feel the difference in my heart rate & breathing.  Getting faster will come around.  I’m more concerned about building stamina & technique over speed now.

I’ve also started parking near some steps & at the end of my walks have gone back to my car that way.  They aren’t super steep, but it’s adding a little something.  For the future, I realized tonight if I just spend a couple more minutes stretching I can add another activity point to my day:~)

Oh yeah, my challenge started this week.  Must work out three days a week to prevent $5 going to my anti-charity for each week I do not report success.  And a friend is set up as my referee, so no fudging.

So how did this all add up Thursday night?  I was down a pound!  Woo-hoo!  This was over a two week period since we didn’t meet due to weather last week, but a loss is a loss!  Especially after this week.

Out of my ups & downs, drop-ins & drop-outs, since joining last year, I did the math a couple of weeks ago, & I have actually managed to average a half pound loss for each week.  For some reason, that sounds a lot better to me than I lost fifteen pounds last year.  Little losses add up to big wins!  It’s about making lifestyle changes meant to last.  I want to be healthy & I only want to do this once, remember?

I guess it’s time for the bullets now:

  • Down 1.0lb this week.  4.8lb till my next 5lb star & 6.8lb till my first 10%.  Planning to hit that by my 36th birthday in about six weeks.
  • Stayed OP this week.  Sort of.  Used all my weekly points & activity points, & had to earn extra activity points to just break even.  But I did break even.  That counts, right?
  • Earned 6 AP.  Only worked out two days because I missed my tennis class again.  Last week it was college closed due to weather; this week I got the time wrong & it was over when I got there.  I spent so much time walking around trying to find it, up & down stairs, & all over, I could have counted it for AP anyway, lol.  My challenge started Wednesday.
  • I cooked!  Not a healthy meal, but I did make some pumpkin corn muffins to contribute to dinner for a couple of nights, & some Hungry Girl brownies.
  • Drank some water every day.  Just one bottle each day, not the two I’ve been aiming for, but that’s better than the nothing from the week prior.
  • Added jogging intervals & stairs to my walking.  Go me!

Now, for this week I plan to…

  • Attend my Weight Watchers meeting! Good or bad, I vow to go & know.  And knowing is half the battle! (Thanks GI Joe)
  • Lose one pound.  Keep on trucking towards my first 10% goal!
  • Track every day & stay OP.
  • Exercise at least three days!  & I am crossing my fingers there’ll be some tennis in there finally>_<
  • Add another couple of minutes to my stretching when I walk.  A small change that will net me extra AP.
  • Continue to drink water daily.  I’ll keep shooting for two bottles a day, but I’ll settle for one.  I got some cherry Diet  Rite Zer0s this week.  They are tasty, & have no caffeine, sugar, or sodium.  They are also significantly cheaper than Coke or Pepsi.  I generally only have one a day.
  • Not fall into the ‘shoulds’ or get as obsessed about these things as I usually tend to when I get on a fitness high, so I burn out & stop doing anything (literally, I usually end up manic & obsessing, then fall into a depression where I lay in bed sleeping & crying & staring at the television wishing I could die for days or weeks).  It makes it really hard to stick with anything, & easy to gain back all I lost & often more.  Boo!  But I have to keep getting back up when I fall down, & move forward.  It’s why the quote I used for this post means so much to me.  You’ll never succeed if you quit trying.

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5 thoughts on “A Sad, But Successful, Week

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  2. okay, as of today the kid things are no longer there.

  3. Oh, and by the way – I totally agree those “kids” in your park ARE TOTALLY CREEPY!

  4. Just came across your blog today. So sorry for the loss of your friend.
    I am also hoping to hit my first 10% loss in about 6 weeks which is also around my birthday… my 34th. You must be a fellow Pisces.
    You are doing well… especially considering your added difficulties… keep up the good work! 🙂

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