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My Idea Of Cooking…

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“I was 32 when I started cooking; up until then, I just ate.”
~Julia Child~ (Cooking Quotes)

ingredients rounded-up for my pumpkin & yogurt breakfast

Here are the ingredients for my usual breakfast: pumpkin, yogurt, cereal, & spices; yummy, healthy, & filling!  AND I never have to turn on the oven or stove:~)

Here you may witness my usual dish to “cook”.  This is my usual breakfast, & as close to real cooking as I intend to get today.  I’m limited to what is on hand, & there is nothing inspiring on hand I want to work with, so voila!  This is what you get today:~)  It’s tasty, quick, & easy, plus filling & good for me.  I always feel good after I eat it, satisfied & light – if that makes any sense.

Plain nonfat yogurt (you can read why here), 100% pure pumpkin (comes in a can, but I didn’t have an unopened can onhand), Fiber One cereal, ground cinnamon, ground ginger, & paprika.  Paprika is new, since I mistook it for the cinnamon yesterday & realized it didn’t affect the flavor & had some anti-inflammatory properties.  Here is a article listing the health properties of some spices.

Granted I don’t know how potent the dollar store spices I use actually are, but if I think it helps, then of course it helps!  The most powerful medicine we have is belief.

I also look for yogurts with live, active cultures in it because I have lots of tummy troubles (IBS most notably) & it helps to sort things out.  The pumpkin & cereal are loaded with fiber, which is also good for the digestive system.  Here’s some extra info on the health benefits of pumpkin.  They say it has anti-aging properties, but I eat a lot of pumpkin & from what I can tell I’m still turning 36 next month. *shrug*

And just in case you need a formal recipe to feel like this is a cooking post… (Note: I don’t actually measure my spices, so these are just ball park guesses.)

  • 1c plain nonfat yogurt (3Pts+)
  • 1c 100% pumpkin puree (0Pts+)
  • 1/2c Fiber One cereal (2Pts+)
  • 1T ground cinnamon (0Pts+)
  • 2t ground ginger (0Pts+)
  • 2t paprika (0Pts+)
  • optionally you can add honey for sweetness.
  1. Add yogurt, pumpkin, spices, & mix thoroughly.
  2. Sprinkle Fiber One & mix in.
  3. Add honey whenever you want to.
  4. Eat it! (Total 5Pts+ if you’re counting)
my pumpkin & yogurt breakfast prepared

I know, it’s not sexy. I was using the last of the pumpkin in the storage container & couldn’t bare to think of unnecessarily dirtying a dish. I tried to get some pics of the cereal mixed in a little, but right as I tried to snap the shot, my camera died.

For those who like something warmer, the pumpkin, spices, & honey work really well in a hot cereal, too.

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