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"My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style." ~Maya Angelou

More Home Non-Cooking


“Health nuts are going to feel stupid someday, lying in hospitals dying of nothing.”
~Redd Foxx~
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Honeywheat toast with natural peanut butter & honey blend, a banana, bottled water, & True Lemon.

A simple, filling, fairly low points plus breakfast. (Oh yeah, & it’s pretty cheap, too)

(Who can resist a Red Foxx quote??)

So, I’m switching up my breakfasts this week & figured it would again be the most cooking I do this week.  Hey, this time I used a toaster!  It’s also a chance to highlight a few products I like, & one I’m just trying.

For this week you have toast with peanut butter & honey*, a banana, & water with lemon.  The two products I’d really like to point out here are Jif Natural creamy peanut butter & True Lemon.

I never liked peanut butter until I found natural peanut butter.  Seriously, as a kid I can remember many times I had to sit inside while the other kids played until I finally ate my peanut butter & jelly sandwich under protest.  There were similar issues around corn (I’m nearly 36 years old & still won’t eat corn, & if I get a plate with corn already on it, I won’t eat the food that touches the corn either).

I didn’t start with Jif, I forget what the first brand I tried & liked was, but the Jif is better blended & doesn’t separate as much.  Also, I’m told it doesn’t separate as much if you keep it in the fridge, but it does still separate & when it’s chilled it’s harder to mix up, so I just leave mine out.

And as for True Lemon…love it!  I discovered this a year ago on a freebie site.  It’s individual packets of dehydrated lemon crystals. It does have a few other things mixed in with the lemon juice & lemon oil, but nothing I don’t know what it is.  Put it in your water or tea or whatever, & it tastes just like you squeezed a lemon in it.  Just like it!  That’s what sold me.  Not to mention it doesn’t need to be refrigerated, never goes bad, no chopping, is easier to get into a water bottle, & it travels a whole lot better than lemon wedges.

It’s not sold around here, so I had to order it online, but they seem to frequently run sales, freebies, & shipping offers.  Several big groceries do carry it though.  They have a list of where to get it on their site.

So, here’s the break down with points plus values for all my Weight Watchers:

  • 1 slice Sara Lee Classic Honey Wheat bread, 2pts+
  • 1T Jif Natural creamy peanut butter, 3pts+
  • 1/2T honey/honey blend*, 1pts+
  • 1 banana, 0pts+
  • bottle of water, 0pts+
  • lemon or True Lemon, 0pts+
  1. Toast the bread
  2. Add peanut butter & honey* to toast, & spread evenly
  3. Add lemon/True Lemon to water; shake

And that’s a healthy, filling breakfast for only 6pts+.  Some low fat milk would be good with this too, but I tend to just have water in the mornings (not a coffee or tea drinker, & I have to be careful with drinking milk).  Don’t forget p.b. gives you some healthy oils!  So you’ve got protein, carbs, fats, fiber, a little sweet (honey is good for you!), a fruit, & some water.

Good start to the day, no?  Now let’s go work out!

*I’m ashamed to admit it, but when I went to the store this week real honey was a little out of my price range.  I ended up getting a honey blend for $1.  It’s a blend of honey & corn syrup.  It tastes enough like honey to be in stuff & the nutrition info is the same.  But if you get some on your finger & maybe lick it off, you can taste the corn syrup a little.  Not as good for your body as pure honey, but for $1, at the end of the month I can make do.


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8 thoughts on “More Home Non-Cooking

  1. I’m like that with corn, too. Somehow, when I was little, I got it in my mind that it was old people teeth. Now that I’m thinking about it, I think it came from a Babysitter’s Club Little Sisters book. I hate that Karen. She never used contractions AND she ruined corn for me. Ugh.

    Your breakfast looks yum. No matter how extra early I wake up in the morning, I can’t find the time to make something to eat. Maybe I’ll have that tomorrow.

    Thanks for subscribing to my blog, by the way! I added you to my Google reader. 🙂

    • lol, old ppl teeth.

      thanks & you’re welcome! i saw you on another blog i read, then saw your post link on twitter in the #weightwatchers timeline. i think. def on twitter i know. i meant to comment last night & not be the secret stalker, but i was tired i decided to procrastinate instead, lol.

  2. I eat a brand (I can’t remember the name) that isn’t a name brand. The ingredients are literally just peanuts, nothing else. It’s smooth, though they have a crunchy product and it’s sooooo good. Tastes exactly like peanuts and no additives.

    I think with the name brands, they can get away with calling it natural if at least one of the ingredients is organic. They are sort of shady with the ‘natural’ label.

  3. I have this thing where I don’t like canned veggies. I can literally taste the nasty preservatives. I hated peanut butter FOREVER until I tried a completely natural, organic brand. Now I can practically eat a jar of it in about two days.

    A friend of mine posts some thing on facebook from a book called “Food Rules” by Michael Pollan. The ‘rules’ have been really helpful because it’s not about dieting. It’s about changing the way one buys and uses food so that their entire body is healthy and nourished. The rules seem to go hand in hand with Weight Watchers. Might be worth checking out from the library.

    • thanks! i may look into that. i honestly don’t know why i like the “natural” pb better. i really don’t even know what makes jif natural different from reg jiff, lol, beyond the label. i was looking at the jar, but didn’t see any notable difference. /shrug

  4. LOVE peanut butter, but can’t get myself to like the ‘natural’ kind. Give me Skippy Creamy and I’m a happy gal, raspberry jam and banana slices are nice to haves. But I don’t like sweets that contains peanut butter, like Reese’s. And my heart goes out for anyone with a peanut allergy, really.

    • Raspberry jam & banana together w pb? that sounds intriguing. i usually go for strawberry jelly/jam. i love pb & honey most though, & it must be on wheat bread.

      & i love choc & pb, but can’t stand choc w actual peanuts in it. it’s weird. almonds either. though i like almonds alone. peanuts i have to be in the mood for. not sure what sort of mood, but i do seem to have a peanut mood. it might be the so-hungry-or-drunk-anything-tastes-good kind of mood.

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