My Year To Thrive

"My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style." ~Maya Angelou

I Have Goals – I Swear

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“Success isn’t a result of spontaneous combustion.  You must set yourself on fire.”
~Arnold H. Glasow~
(Goal Quotes)
(Maybe not the best quote for bipolar, as some might take it too literally. -DO NOT SET YOURSELF ON FIRE FOR REAL.  IT IS BAD.-)

Parts & yarn for a crocheted doll.


Ugh, skipped working out again today:~/  Have been feeling mopey again, though less physically ill.  Definitely having some sinus issues though.  However, I will be finishing the doll again today.  She has haunted me & was a big part in holding me back from wanting to go work out.  (Eventhough I haven’t even worked on her yet, today…)

My niece took her first steps today, so this doll can now be a xmas/birthday/yay-your-legs-work gift.  That’s a lot of mileage for a handmade doll.

I have also been thinking about going back to school & trying to shape up what sorts of things I need to study.  I have come to the conclusion what I would love to do is counseling using nutrition & activity alongside the more traditional methods.  Since I already have my MSW I’m close to being able to do counseling, but I do need to strengthen my knowledge of counseling techniques.  And of course I need to study up on nutrition & fitness.  I am currently aiming to start a certificate program for nutrition & fitness in the local branch of a state university – & by local I mean it’s an hour drive from here.  Hurray for rising gas prices!

I’ve also always wanted to get my PhD or DSW.  I know where I want to go for it, if I do it.  I’m still deciding if I can work it into my master plan, or if it’s just one of those things to do to be doing it.  Also, I’m not sure just which field to get my PhD in.  In the spring I plan to pay a visit to the uni I would like to attend & talk to some folks about it.

I’ve been searching for articles of interest based on this today,  not having a lot of luck.  Again, most everything you find is in regards to meds & weight gain.  I wanted to list some articles here, but really am not finding anything terribly useful or worth passing on IMHO.  I did find an interesting article on PCOS & mental health disorders, but I think I’ll save that for another time since it isn’t entirely related, & would be better served in a planned post on PCOS.

Okay, my lazy is overwhelming me, so that is all for today.  Plus, I have a doll foot to crochet, & a minion, I mean doll, to assemble & finish clothing.

I get paid tomorrow, so predictably should be feeling better.  Is it a bipolar thing to have your mood & energy levels so tied to how much money you have?  Though to finish the month with all my bills paid in full, & money in the bank & my wallet is still a major accomplishment!  Even if it’s only about $10 across bank accounts & pockets.


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