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Get Thee Behind Me, Girl Scout Cookies!


“Be bolder.  Acknowledge your limitations but act anyway. You’re capable of more than you think.
~Daily Chinese Horoscope for Pisces, 3/2 (

Table showing how to get Girl Scout Cookies vs how to get illegal items.

I acknowledged my limitations but ate the cookies anyway.  (Image used from The Sassy Curmudgeon.)

It’s a conspiracy I tell you!  Since discovering how much fun boys could be as a teenager, I have lived by the motto it is easier to avoid temptation than to resist it.  It worked better with boys.

Many of you have surely noticed it is Girl Scout Cookie season.  I don’t know how you could miss it, at least in the U.S.

Last Friday I went out to enjoy my free birthday waffle, & ran over to the nearby behemothmart for some 0pts+ bananas (my go-to fruit since I have braces, so everything else has to be prepped before I can eat it).  I parked well down the parking lot, ending up infront of another shopping center & noticing a sports store!  I went inside & browsed around, but that has nothing really to do with this story.  Focus…

Walking up to behemoth mart I noticed the littlest peddlers setting up for business out front.  I set my eyes on the door & breezed on by, careful to not make eye contact or draw attention to myself as I went.  It worked!  I made it through without being tempted or having to crush their spirits/incur their wrath.  It set the stage for my perfect execution of bee line for the bananas & straight to the check-out.  In & out with only what I came for.  It was like Olympic shopping – the sort thing I only do every four years.

I knew They would still be out there, so before leaving the store I devised an exit strategy; I left out of the far door & cut across the parking lot back to my car.  Win!  I had out maneuvered the cookie monsters again.

Beaming from my success I drove back to town & went to the park for some jogging intervals & then home.  And as if my day hadn’t been awesome enough – free waffle, finding a decent sporting goods store, exercise, & giving temptation the finger holla! – I came home to find a big box of birthday loot delivered from one of dearest friends (when he’s not pissing me off anyway, which is like all the time I think).

I dig in & it it’s just loot within loot, two new bags (a green messenger & a red purse) both full of fun treasure.  Loving it!  I’m texting him as I uncover each item.  Then what do I see?  Yep… a purple box of Samoas.  Damn>_<  I should have know it was too easy earlier.  My next text: “You jackass, I can’t believe you sent me Girl Scout Cookies.”  But it was a celebration day, a little early birthday day, I had done some good exercise – I could have a couple of cookies.  That’s what my weekly points allowance is for, right?

So I have a couple.  I count them, 4pts+.  No problem.  After dinner I give my dad some, & then I have a couple more… Okay, no big deal.  I count them.  Then sometime later that night…

I ended up with the remaining cookies, about half the box, sitting open beside me as I computed.  This was not a conscious decision.  I never said, “Hey, I think I’ll grab the box & eat the rest of the cookies.”  It just kind of happened.  But I did it & I counted them.  Then I moved on.  I still had a good bit of weekly points left.

Then my birthday came.  Nothing planned & no reason to expect anything to happen, so I bought myself a brownie from the convenience store (there’s not much in town any day of the week, even less on a Sunday).  It was the kind of brownie I used to scarf down mindlessly, but this time… it was just meh.  I ate half of it, & wrapped the rest of it up for later.  I then did an extra long walk/jog, about 1.9mi where as I normally just do a mile.  The weather is priming for spring, & it was a beautiful day, perfect for taking the longer loop around the park.  After my run I decided the rest of the mediocre brownie sounded delightful, so I finished it.  Fourteen PointsPlus, & I won’t say it was worth it.

And what did my dad do that night?  He baked me brownies for my birthday!  He even put a candle in them for me to blow out.  Wasn’t that sweet?  Not so much when he cut them & brought me one after dinner though.  While he is aware of me trying to lose weight & is as supportive as he can be, he hasn’t latched on to the idea of serving sizes.  He brought me a hunk of brownie that would have sold for $5 at a cafe.  Who was I to say no?  I ate it.  I counted it.  I was still okay.

After he went to bed I cut the remaining brownies into serving sized pieces.  Then ate two more.  Clearly I have late night eating issues.  And the next day at lunch, I ate the last two.  But hey, at least I had them with a glass of 2% milk, so I got a low-fat dairy in…  That’s something.

And to bring it back to the title topic of the futility of trying to avoid Girl Scout cookies, what did my dad bring home yesterday?  Another box of Samoas.  I found them after exercising, before I started to clean the bathroom.  I decided I needed & deserved the fortification. (Really, if I’m going to keep at the running thing, I need to find a good snack to keep with me to get my blood sugar up afterward so I’m not as tempted by sugary treats.)  That evening went about the same as the other cookies.  After dinner he had a few & I had a couple, because I had points left in the day.  Then he went to bed & I ended up eating the rest of the box. 

Where in his mind does it seem like a good idea to leave the box of cookies sitting around the living room with me when he goes to bed?  Who has he been living with for the last year?  He even made the statement once he shouldn’t buy cookies any more because it’s mean since I’m trying to lose weight.

He got lucky tonight when he strolled by with an apple ugly & asked me if I wanted half.  Outwardly I politely declined.  In my mind though, I shouted, “No! I want the whole thing” & snatched it away from him, tearing the package open with my teeth, & gnawing on it like some National Geographic feeding scene crossed with a prison cafeteria lunchtime; cautious & savage.

What a week, huh?  But I was pretty active & have ended the week with some activity points left in my pocket.  I was very bingey, but I counted every bite & didn’t overeat my points.  Still not something I’d like to repeat.  I’ve been trying to start Brad Gansberg’s #7DayChip, but am clearly having an issue getting started.

Tomorrow is payday, so I can restock with some healthy staples which should help, but… I’m going to spend the weekend with a friend whose birthday was yesterday, & we’ll be going out to celebrate both our birthdays, & maybe another friend of hers who has one coming up.  I’m already planning how I will eat though.  We are going to a well known local catfish place Saturday night, so hopefully can get something on the lighter side.  Though if you are familiar with the South you know it’s fried everything.  Thankfully I don’t like catfish anyway, so no temptation or feelings of deprivation there.

So my plan for improvement:

  • Prepare to be hungry after exercise & plan for it.
  • Buy Daddy a box for his goodies so he can keep them in his room.  This will keep them away from me after he’s gone to bed when I’m most tempted to binge.
  • Set a serious date for starting on my #7daychip & do it!
  • Look over the online menu for Saturday night & plan ahead.
  • Sue the Girl Scouts & force them to stop pushing cookies.

Also, speaking of Brad, let me take a moment to mention he is starting a 5K training program for anyone who wants to get started running.  It’s Run 5K in 100 Days.  When he started running he was a 293lb couch potato, so his program is for anyone.  It’s free & web-based.  The details & website aren’t finalized yet, but he is looking for 100 people to teach to run & still has slots open.  I’m already signed up!  You can get the general information at the link above, & email him at BradGansberg… if you’re interested.

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9 thoughts on “Get Thee Behind Me, Girl Scout Cookies!

  1. I haven’t had Girl Scout cookies since 2006 or even later than that. But I think I had them in May of that year around my birthday. I love the thin mints! 🙂 Good thing I’m not haunted by cookies. It’s so easy to eat them all. Brad’s 5k sounds interesting. Thanks for the info. grrrr…..munchie munchie eh you can’t wire me a cookie through the net…. hee hee

    • not even if i could, lol. i ate them all, remember? >_< stupid cookies.

      i was complaining about the cookies thing to a friend on fb tonight & said to her, "eating a whole box of cookies in one sitting is not the cue to go buy more. it means – NO. MORE. COOKIES."

      men don't seem to get that concept. except the men who don't want you to get fat. but those men are jerks, & i'd eat more cookies just to spite them. i'm pretty sure at least fifty of my extra pounds are spite.

  2. Oh, and I think you did a great job balancing the cookies and brownies with exercise. We all know the worse thing to do when consuming things like that is to be sitting on our butts not getting any exercise! I think you evened out there.

  3. “It was like Olympic shopping – the sort thing I only do every four years.”
    You always manage to crack me up… I also snickered at your plan to “Sue the Girl Scouts & force them to stop pushing cookies.” 🙂
    Samoas are totally my fav!! Luckily I don’t get out much (and they don’t seem to frequent where I do shop), so I seem to miss all those cookie peddling bitches every year. The last time I had a girl scout cookie was spring 2008.

    • Thanks! 😀 I’m truly awful at shopping & sticking w a list, or a budget.

      I’m hoping I did enough to balance it out. And I’ve come to the conclusion I just wasn’t eating enough since I’ve been out of my salad & usual snacks, leaving too much room for all the junk. I’ve been in a weird mood, where I haven’t really been that hungry when it comes to real food, but all the junk that’s been around has been too tempting. Sugar is my big weakness.

  4. The Girl Scout Season is making me crazy also. I don’t want to see them and I certainly don’t want a box near me. So annoying when people gift them or bring them into the house where I live. I empathize.

    Happy belated birthday! 🙂

  5. Mmmmm…….girl scout cookies……

    Ha! I’m glad you warned me. I will be on full alert for those evil cookie pushing kids. 😀

    The Grumpy Man

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