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"My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style." ~Maya Angelou

Thoughts On Weight Watchers & Other Random Things


“You must do the thing you think you cannot do.”
~Eleanor Roosevelt

Everyday People Insomnia cartoon #372: "It's unfortunate that all my best thinking happens after midnight."

First Thursday of the month is a long one for me, as I have my NAMI meeting early afternoon a half hour away, then visit my aunt, then Weight Watchers.  Today I picked up dinner & went for a walk/run between my aunt’s & Weight Watchers.  So here I am after midnight just getting to my Thursday Things post.  So I am going to give you a list of some things I thought about today.

For starters, I maintained this week; no weight loss or gain.  Considering the week I had I’m calling that a success!  I’ll go into that more tomorrow when I’ve had time to run the numbers for February & get my update measurements & progress pics.  Since I didn’t do them last month till mid-February doubt they’ll be much difference, but need to get straight with it.

While waiting in line at for weigh-in, I had time to consider some things.  Mainly, & I think this every week, the cost of Weight Watchers items at the meetings is ridonkulous.  I pay $40 a month to be in their club.  I deserve a discount on the merchandise, not some jacked up prices because it has their label on it.  You can get most of the basically same stuff elsewhere cheaper.  Though I did buy the 5 Ingredient Cookbook tonight & it was only $9.95.  That’s not bad for a new book.  I also own the measuring serving spoons.  It took me years to break down & do it, but I couldn’t find any others.  I bought them when I rejoined last April, & I think they were $20, $25?  For what amounts to three long-handled metal measuring cups.  Seriously.  I really, really hate paying to be treated like a dollar sign.  I don’t get that at the meeting, but I do feel it from the corporate level.  But, corporates are inherently evil wherever you go.  Mainly, I rejoined for the social aspect.  I’m rather anti-social, & since I’m not working & living back in podunk, I needed somewhere to go.  Around here, if you want to go out, you go to work or church.  That’s pretty much your options.  And I don’t do church.

And not to mention under the new plan you need to buy the calculator, but you have to buy it.  It’s like $15 I think.  I’m one of the many people who think the calculators should be free with membership.  But that’s just me & I’m not capitalism’s biggest fan.

Also, tonight the meeting felt cliquish.  Anyone else have this issue at their meetings?  I’ve never noticed it before, & only tonight because I get there later than usual & couldn’t find a seat.  I saw one chair I thought was unclaimed, hard to tell when most people are in line to be weighed but most of them have purses & notebooks to leave at their seat, & the girl told me both of the open chairs were taken.  Yeah, I got it into my head she was lying because she just didn’t want me to sit there.  I don’t know her, so no idea why.  Just paranoid I guess.  When I came back from the restroom that whole table was full, so she probably wasn’t lying.  Unless she just found someone to sit there so I wouldn’t come back…  But seriously, I just noticed how each table seemed to be this clique of people who knew each other, & I don’t really know anyone.  I did find a place to sit though after I weighed in & more people were settled down.

Also, just have to say these people who are high on Weight Watchers make me itch.  You know, the ones who treat it like a cult.  They are all Weight Watchers, all the time, & have all the products.  Hey – it’s a lifestyle, not a life.  Come up for air!  It’s not the worst thing they could be addicted to, but everything in moderation.

And now I suppose I should say something nice about it… I like it’s not a diet.  I can eat whatever I want, whenever I want, I just have to be accountable for it.  I like going to the meetings & I’m warming up.  I even talk to people some.  My Aunt down the hill joined.  She’s only been a couple of times, but I’ve sat with her both times.  We danced tonight.  Some Wii game Dance Dance 2 or something like that is the hot thing, so she had us do a goofy dance tonight.  I didn’t break it down like in da club, but I did the moves.  My cousin works one of the scales, so I always try to go to her because I’m comfortable with her.  The other lady, I think they call them receptionists?, just rubs me the wrong way, & when the leader weights me I feel like I’ve disappointed her if I don’t lose.

Brad got the website up for Run 5K in 100 Days.  Looks good!  I’m excited, though a little ugh about having to commit to an hour three days a week>_<  But it’ll be good for me.  I’m sure.

Found out at the meeting tonight our librarian just got some Zumba dvds & she’ll be doing Zumba at the library two evenings a week.  It’s free for anyone to show up.  That should be fun.

Hurray for Wendy Williams on the next season of Dancing With The Stars!

Visiting my aunt makes me sad because she looks so much like my mother.  They are/were twins. (Twinship transcends death, so that’s a tricky conjugation.)  But I do it, because she gets lonely & it’s what Momma would want.  She would have never left her sister alone if she had a choice.

Captain D’s is delicious & not as bad points-wise as you would think.

I squeezed in my walk/jog today because yesterday was a recovery day & I’m headed out of town tomorrow, so not sure it will happen.  I couldn’t stand the idea of letting it go that long.  I plan to be active while I’m gone.  It’s already been discussed & plans are made.  It maybe hiking, or hunting & digging for fossils – my friend is an amateur archeologist/paleontologist/something like that.  Plus, they live in a good neighborhood for getting out & stretching my legs.  I’m happy to not only be exercising more, but to be finding it an actually important & desirable part of my life.  When did that happen??

Okay, I think I’ve poured out enough of my head for one night.  I hope that was an enlightening romp through my mental day.  Or at least not disturbing or a snoozefest.  At least I left out all of the I don’t wanna take a shower but I need one if I’m going out, Maybe I just won’t go, I want more fishDamn he at the rest of the shrimpI hate myself/I hate people, & I feel stupid doing this dance I hope no one’s watching me – please don’t dosido over here.

So what sort of things occupy your thoughts on any given day?

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8 thoughts on “Thoughts On Weight Watchers & Other Random Things

  1. Signed up for the running program!

  2. I signed up for weight watchers a couple of days ago. Whoa, I didn’t realize how crappy I was eating. It’s kinda cool to see that I can have a sandwich that blows and it costs 7pts or I can have an awesome sandwich with all the fixings and it’s still 7pts. I might even start running soon. You’re my inspiration. 🙂

  3. Our chapter on the NAMI website doesn’t have the listing for a support group or location, time, date, etc but it’s there on the meet up group and it looks like its a connections group like you’re mentioning. I guess it couldn’t hurt to go to one and see how I like it.

    • check it out. you might just like it:~) & i say feel free to sit in the back/on the edge, & just observe w/o participating. that’s my usual MO when trying something new. i hate when ppl insist i talk & participate.

  4. well, i don’t know if a meetup is the same, but mine is an official NAMI mtg. there’s only a couple or 3 members who go, plus our NAMI resource, so it’s pretty laid back. we talk about how we’re doing, i bitch about the MHC, we talk about community resources, & since the new year started we’re discussing what events we want to do this year. i enjoy it.

    one of our members, who is a NAMI peer support – or something like that – just got a grant & did an art camp last month, so yesterday she talked about how it went & showed up the paintings they’ll be using for a local museum display. oh, & talked about an upcoming recovery camp for ppl living w MI. i’d never heard of it, but sounds like a lot of fun.

  5. What is your NAMI meeting like? There’s a meetup NAMI group in my city and I’ve been thinking of going but I’m still so unsure if I want to.

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