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100 Push Ups – Or Something Like That

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“There is never time in the future in which we will work out our salvation. The challenge is in the moment; the time is always now.”
~James A. Baldwin (BrainyQuotes)

Woman doing push-ups

I know what you’re thinking, but nope that’s not me. (Image used from

My sinuses are killing me.  My head feels ready to explode.  Did get a little done today though, & wanted to be sure to update.

First, I guess I should address the push-ups, since that’s my title.  I started One Hundred Push Ups today.  It’s a six week online training program to build up to doing 100 push banner "how many can you do?"

You start by seeing how many push ups you can do properly, in your choice of form.  Of course I went for the half push ups, or girl push ups as I’ve always heard them called.  Man, I could only do five, & even that was a squeak.  I even stopped in the middle to work on my form.  It’s hard for me to get down as far as needed, not to mention I have problems putting my weight on my knees & wrists (car wreck & carpal tunnel, respectively).

But I look at it this way – nowhere to go but up, right?  From here it’s three days a week with one to two minutes of rest in between sets.  My first day officially doing the program will involve sets of two or three push ups, lol.

They have similar programs for sit ups & squats as well.  I’d like to try those after.

Also, I set up my mini stepper today & used it.  Boy, that is tougher than I thought it would be!  I have had walking on my mind, not thinking about how much tougher doing steps are, & this little hydraulic stepper is no different.  The tension isn’t adjustable, but it seems to work like the Curves machines so the faster you work it the more resistance you get.  Needless to say, I took it slow.  Since I was doing the push ups too, I did not use the resistance bands.

I started out thinking I’d do twenty minutes, but once I got going realized that was not going to happen.  After a couple of minutes, & already starting to wobble as my legs got tired, I changed that to five minutes.  I went by the time on my cell phone, but when I got done the stepper told me I only did 4:01minutes.  And just 145 steps to boot.  Again, lots of room for improvement!

I started out to do my run/walk intervals today, but it started raining right as I left the house.  It was just a light rain then, & I’ve done it before, but decided as poorly as I’m feeling getting out in the cold & rain wasn’t such a good idea.  Not long after the bottom fell out of the sky & it has rained buckets all day.  We’re under a flood warning.  It’s supposed to continue raining tomorrow & then clear up by the weekend.  Hurray!

And speaking of the weekend, I mentioned briefly I’ll be doing my first run event this weekend!  I’m participating in the Run for Christchurch virtual run.  You don’t have to do a 5K, or even run (one person has a baby signed up to do laps on a black & red playmat, lol), but I have mapped out a 3mi route around the park.  I figured it will be good training.  Should take me about an hour, assuming I don’t expire midway.

Run For ChristChurch worldwide virtual 5K logo, March 12-13, 2011

I made my meager donation tonight, so I’m all ready to go for Sunday.  Now to find some red & black to wear.  I know I have some black pants I can run in, but I’ll have to dig around for a red t-shirt.  If I don’t find one, I’m sure I can make do with a white t-shirt & some pigs’ blood.

Yesterday marked the first successful day of my 7 Day Chip.  So far, so good today & it’s almost over.  My goal for the seven days is to eat in my daily points total & maybe use my activity points earned that day.  I’m out of my weekly points allotment for this week.  My week starts over Thursday, but I don’t have anything special going on so I think I could really stand to eat within my daily points for a few days.  Especially after how I overdid it over the weekend.  I rely too much on the WPA, & have been trying to keep my use of them down to just three days a week, not dribbling them out over the entire week.

Outside of that, I was mostly useless today.  I don’t know what I did all day though.  Most of the day feels like a blur of aches & pain.  Oh, of course I skipped tennis again today.  I just was not up to going.  Third week in a row I haven’t gone.  It’s been a different reason each week, but underneath it all I feel this sense of hopelessness about it.  I’m not a good player & I’m getting this idea I never will be.  I don’t have anyone to practice with outside of class; no one I’d ask anyway.  Part of it is embarrassment of how not good I am.  Silly, I know.  But like I said, that’s not really why I haven’t gone, just how I’ve been feeling about tennis lately.

Okay, it’s still pouring rain, but I’m headed out to buy some cold/sinus meds & new toothbrushes.  (I buy cheap toothbrushes in multipacks since my braces just chew them up anyway.)  Ugh, some Sheriff or something in Tennessee is trying to make psuedoephedrine illegal, & there is also talk of requiring prescriptions for cold & sinus meds.  Dumb asses.  This isn’t going to stop people from making meth, but it is going to make it a lot harder for people to get relief from simple cold & sinus issues, especially uninsured people.  I don’t think it will happen, but if it does at least I can just stay in-state & drive a little farther.

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