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I Earned My First #7DayChip**:~)


Most of us, swimming against the tides of trouble the world knows nothing about, need only a bit of praise or encouragement – and we will make the goal.  ~Jerome Fleishman (Quote Garden)

my #7daychip

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In case you don’t remember, my goal with the #7daychip was to eat within my Weight Watchers daily points & activity points I earned that day.  I had fallen in to the habit of daily reliance on my weekly points allowance, & really wanted to ween myself off of that, & use them for special occasions only.  Of course doing that isn’t a plan problem, but I wasn’t seeing the consistent losses I would like despite staying within my points for the week. If this week was any indication it worked very well!

Alas, that seven day goal meant a week without any splurges.  I had already been considering that I didn’t think I could continue this plan out for the #30daychip, so it was no shock when day eight went off the rails big time>_<  My dad brought home a box of Krispy Kreme doughnuts.  I ate five of them.  (26 points plus for those keeping track at home.  My DPA is 36 at the moment.)  And of course having a problem with sugar, this set me up for a day of never ending hunger & cravings.  Thankfully it didn’t get as bad as it could have, but I definitely went over those last 10 points:~)

The doughnuts started innocently enough.  Despite telling my dad to keep his goodies in his room, & even buying him a plastic tub for them, he left his box of doughnuts on the counter.  I’d claim he was sabotaging me, but leaving things laying around is pretty much par for the course with him.  I was making some tea, & there they were – looking at me.  Well, they couldn’t really look at me because they were in a closed box & doughnuts don’t have eyes, but you know what I mean.  I could feel their glazed gaze on me as I prepared my omg delicious vanilla chai tea.  I had been really good & finished my seven days, so… why not?  My original intent was to have one, but magically two came out of the box with me.

After eating those two & finishing my tea I needed to track them.  Shockingly, Krispy Kreme doughnuts were not already in the Weight Watchers database.  This meant I had to go get the nutritional info off the box.  I’m lazy & forgetful, so I just brought the whole box back to the chair with me while I entered it.  And you know I didn’t immediately get up & take them back to the kitchen.  Nope, they continued sitting beside me.  Well, you know how that story ends.

With an empty doughnut box, I began wondering what to do with the evidence.  Since it would be hard to sell a home invasion where nothing was taken but a box of doughnuts, I just tossed the box in the trash & decided to use this as a teaching moment for my dad.  When he came home & wanted to know where his doughnuts were, I sassily replied, “I ate them.  I TOLD you to keep your stuff in your room.”  (Seriously, out of sight, out of mind.  I’m far less tempted when it’s not out where I have to see it all the time.)  He laughed.  Then I guess he went & mourned the loss of his doughnuts, crying & cursing the fates he hadn’t heeded me previous warnings.

(BTW, Doughnut Daddy is the same one who claimed baking everything instead of frying it is why he’s gained three pounds.  Uhm. Sure it is.  It’s got nothing to do with cookies & pies & beer & wine & bacon & sausage & eggs.  Nothing at all.)

So from there I went on to have Taco Bell at lunch.  Not too crazy there though.  I had a fresco chicken taco, fresco bean burrito, & diet pepsi.  That came up to 12 points.  From there I went to the grocery store & got some decent things, but along with my good groceries, I grabbed a king-size package (read: 2) of Reese’s peanut butter eggs.  Ate those in the car; 10 points.  And we had chili dogs for dinner tonight.  I had two dogs on one slice of bread with chili & sauerkraut; 17 points.  There was also a banana in there somewhere, but we won’t drag him into this.

My day totaled 65 points.  It took my 36 daily points, the 5 activity points I have earned so far this week, & 24 weekly points.  Not a day I hope to repeat again any time soon, but not a total loss.  Tomorrow starts anew & I still have 25 weekly points.

But what did I learn from this?  I learned that eating within my daily points is good for most days, but it’s also important to allow myself to indulge on occasion, even if it’s not a special one:~)  Also, choking my dad is wrong.  At least that’s what I keep reminding myself.

Now to rework my goal & start on a new #7daychip I can maintain into a #30daychip & #100daychip, & maybe a #60daychip in there…

**If you’re reading this & wondering what the hell a #7daychip is, it’s a group started by Brad Gansberg:

“#7daychip is a group that supports each other as its members deal with their personal eating battles.”

Look here for more info.  If you’re interested in earning your own #7daychip, just join us on Twitter & start using the #7daychip hashtag.  Good luck! (& watch out for those doughnut fundraisers…)

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7 thoughts on “I Earned My First #7DayChip**:~)

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  2. Sorry, I’m just catching up on your blog, so I’m drudging up old posts 😉

    I will say this about cheat days: they are perfectly ok, as long as it’s one day. Even the contestants on The Biggest Loser get a weekly high-calorie day. It’s usually following a Last Chance Workout. On my long run days, I still stay mindful of I’m eating, but I also allow myself some high calorie meals.

    The important thing (that helps me) is to see it as one point in time. And not beat yourself up about it. Remember, this is you life, it’s a change you’re making for you entire long life. And we are human beings that falter. So it’s ok to have a donut here or there (I had 2 KKs yesterday), but try to make other healthier choices later. Maybe walk 15 more minutes, or have an extra serving of veggies. And isn’t that why WW gives you weekly points anyway? 😉

  3. Congrats on your first chip! I can’t wait to get my first one…and KK donuts are one of my downfalls as well. 😦

  4. I love you for tracking everything and learning from it. So often I just brush a binge under the rug and try to forget about it. Also, I love you for being sassy to Donut Daddy. What are your parameters for the next #7daychip ?

    Goodbye, Fat Girl!

    • i haven’t quite decided yet. it will involve eating within my daily points & activity points earned that day on most days, but needs to allow for some wiggle room on two or three days a week to use my weekly points allotment. but that needs to be in a planned, controlled, mindful manner – & not like yesterday where it was “oh shit i’ve gone crazy, but at least i have the points for it yay”. but you know, a decadent treat, a dinner out, a whole cake – well, maybe not a whole cake. plus, i probably won’t start again till thursday because mentally it’s easier for me to have it line up w my WW week.

      a couple of things i wish i would have mentioned, but didn’t are: 1. i want to not eat every point every week because i’m an eater & i know as i lose weight i will lose points, slow sure, but my allotment will decrease, & i don’t want to get to a place where i feel like i can’t do it on the points i have, so i want to leave myself some space, & 2. well, i forgot what the other was, but i know there was another point i missed. bah, i’ll think of it later & then forget it again before i get to do anything with it. such is life. but who knows, maybe i just remembered #1 twice, so it felt like two things.

    • & being the sick & sad person i am, part of my reasoning for eating the very last doughnut was, “that’ll teach him”. <<(i don't care what they say about punctuation inside the quotes. i think it's weird & refuse to conform – but don't think i don't know better because i don't do better. story of my life actually.)

      but maybe he'll be more mindful of keeping his snacks stashed from now on. if he can learn something from this experience, then my doughnut binge will have not been in vain.

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