My Year To Thrive

"My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style." ~Maya Angelou

Good News, Meh News

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“The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are.”
~John Pierpont Morgan (QuotationsBook)

Running Man by Travis Lampe

This image perfectly captures how I feel about running at the moment 🙂 It links to an article on running & being fat at Utne, which credits the image to Travis Lampe @ Could not find the image on his site, so default linked to the article.

You may have gleaned from the image & its caption, I have started running again.  Hurray!  I got my paperwork in last night for Brad Gansberg’s 5K in 100 Days running program & got my acceptance email this morning.  Decided no time like the present, so I did my first workout today.

It felt really great to get back to it, & was really glad I have been doing 1hr+ walks lately.  The workout itself was only 35mins today, but my body was prepped for the work which was great.  I was up to running 2mins at a time when I stopped in the spring, so the 1min running intervals today weren’t too bad.  I did some extra walking at the end to get my time up closer to an hour.

And further good news would be Saturday I went to a writer’s workshop at the local community college & picked up some new skills in the areas of poetry, fiction writing, & nonfiction writing.  I also went to visit an old friend & ended up spending the night.  Had a really good time hanging out, laughing, & swapping tornado/FEMA stories.

Since I should finish the 5K program about mid-November, I decided to look up some 5K races in the area around that time.  I found one in Northwest Georgia to benefit a little boy who was severely injured in an accident, the 5Cade Race For Recovery.  I emailed some fitness minded local friends tonight to see if they would be interested in running it with me.  I have also been looking for a tennis partner.  No luck on that so far.

As for the meh news, my points are off the charts this week.  I have not eaten within my daily points total a single day so far.  Tomorrow is my last chance for the week.  I haven’t just gone over a few points, I have gone way over everyday.  I chewed through my weekly points by the end of the weekend, & have eaten all of my activity points.

I have a few theories on that:

  1. I think the #1 reason is SUGAR.  The writer’s workshop was loaded up with homemade sugary goodness for the taking.  I only had a banana for breakfast, so was weak in the face of cookies, cupcakes, rice krispy treats, & brownies.  I did however avoid the donuts.  I really need a sugar detox 4realz.
  2.  I have increased my activity, so think increased hunger could be part of it.
  3. My dad wanted ice cream, so he found some on sale & bought 2 cartons.  Another case of weakness in the face of temptation & sugar addiction.  Thankfully one of them was fat free orange sherbet.  The first night I only had a little taste of the candy ice cream, but the next day… all bets were off.  I was feeling run down & had a sore throat, so after exercising in the morning heat that sherbet looked soooo good.  I had some for lunch.  I later had the rest of it after dinner.  It tasted awesome good, but I felt icky all the next day.
  4. Too much festivating with friends.
  5. Since I lost 4lbs last week I have had this voice in my head telling me that was too much & this week I’ll have to gain some of it back.  Maybe part of me is working to make that come true, to prove what that part of me believes.  Or maybe it’s just using that belief as an excuse to overindulge.

Either way, I have a day & a half to try to bring this boat around before weigh-in.  Not a lot to be done between now & then, but I can eat light, making good choices, & keep being active.

As Mr. Morgan said you have to start by deciding you will not stay where you are, but just deciding you don’t want to be where you are doesn’t mean it’s smooth sailing from then on.  Sometimes it’s a struggle with what you want or need more in the moment.  I’m not going to label things a win or loss, right or wrong, good or bad, but there are choices that move you towards your goal & those that keep you marking time.

Every moment we are making those choices, but we are humans on a journey.  Even with the choices that don’t move us forward it’s important that we live & enjoy ourselves along the way.  Otherwise we won’t stick to it even if we get where we think we want to be.  As we move forward it should get easier to pick what moves us in our chosen direction.  I hope.


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