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How Exercise Impacts Your Mental Health

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“Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”
~World Health Organization, 1948  (Quotes Garden)

Happy woman running on the beach - she looks surprised like she just saw a friend

Sorry I don’t know the source of this picture. It is from my Motivation folder where it has been for years. Doesn’t she look so happy? I tried to find it, but googling “happy woman running in a green tank top listening to an iPod” didn’t turn it up. Found a bunch of other stuff, some of it disturbing. I need to make sure my safesearch is on.

So, I mentioned yesterday I’m not back to exercise, but it is on my mind.  I’m mentally gearing myself up to get back out there even if right now it feels like I’m not ready to push that far yet.

But I’d like to at least get a few minutes of something going just here in the house.  I have my mini-stepper, hand weights, videos.  All sorts of things I can use for a quick workout at home.

But I won’t let it become another reason I’m a failure if I don’t do it.  Why not?  Because it’s okay.  It has to be okay if I’m going to make it.  The truth is I have bigger fish to fry than the size of my butt.  Order of operations says I need to get my head on straight first & be okay mentally before I can work on my body.  And I can’t do that if I keep giving myself reasons to hate myself; even if they are just retreads of the same old problem.

But having just read an article on the mental health benefits of exercise, here is an excerpt of a list of reasons why getting back to exercise is important for me:

Why can exercise have antidepressant effects?

Serotonin levels change with exercise and improve sleep. With better sleep, mood improves.

Exercise releases endorphins in the body, a chemical in the brain associated with positive mood.
The break down of muscle tension through exercise can improve sleep and decrease physical pain and discomfort associated with depression.

– Exercise can lead to improvements in self-esteem and feelings of self-worth.

– It can interrupt cycles of negative thoughts and rumination.

via How Exercise Impacts Your Mental Health | Dialectical Behavior Therapy Understood.

Further motivation, here is an article on how just 150 minutes of exercise a week – just 30mins  on five days can improve sleeping & productivity:  Exercise Can Aid Sleep & Productivity


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