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Gene Might Boost Risk for Obesity: MedlinePlus

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Scientists have discovered a genetic mutation that makes some people more prone to gain extra weight from a high fat diet.  They make mention of the regulation or appetite & the production of fat cells, but I’m not sure they are exactly saying this gene mutation is responsible for that, or if they just meant they were studying those areas in general.

They even have a test for the mutation.  It costs $200.  Not cheap, but less than I’d imagine.  Can’t say I’ve been price checking genetic tests though.

Not sure what you could really do with this info, since high fat diets are generally considered unhealthy anyway.  It could be a more severe issue than this article lets on however, so a greater intervention that just not eating a high fat diet could be needed.  But either way I thought it was interesting.  Who knows what this could lead to or what they might find next.

Gene Might Boost Risk for Obesity: MedlinePlus


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