My Year To Thrive

"My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style." ~Maya Angelou

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Society for Neuroscience – Food for Thought: Obesity and Addiction

“Could candy be addictive, like cocaine or nicotine? Until recently, many believed overeating and obesity were caused by a lack of ‘willpower’. But new research suggests that certain diets — those high in fat and sugar — can lead to changes in the brain that are similar to those seen with drug addiction. These findings are changing our understanding of what may drive overeating.”

Affected areas of the addicted brain

I found this article very interesting.  Not only does it show the addictive changes brains & bodies can undergo on a steady diet of high fat, high sugar foods, but it also sheds some light on why chronic dieters tend to gain more weight after each try.  Scariest of all, IMHO, is at the end where they mention these changes were actually passed on to the affected subjects’ offspring.  Wow.

Society for Neuroscience – Food for Thought: Obesity and Addiction.



Mental Barriers During Exercise

The obstacles you face are… mental barriers which can be broken by adopting a more positive approach.
~Clarence Blasier (Think Exist)

Metal fence with shadow

When I run a mile at the park it takes two laps.  When I switch to the high school track it takes four.  Even though the track is half as long, after two laps I am ready to stop.

When I run for a mile now, if I get tired I just have to keep telling myself I can do it because I’ve done it before & I have the juice to keep going around.

When I’m doing push-ups, in order to do a certain number of them I have to fix that number in my mind.  I can do that many, however I have to struggle, & often that is it.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how mental exercise is.  Before I never thought I could do it, so I didn’t.  Between the running & the push-ups challenge I have realized when I don’t think I have anything left inside me, I just need to dig deeper.  I am proud & amazed at what I’ve accomplished so far.  Continue reading

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Stop Wishing & Start Working

I don’t believe that wishing works. I think we get the things we work for.
~Brendan Fraser (Brainy Quotes)

Don't bother wishing upon a star...


After I ran a mile, I posted this on my personal fb page in response to people who would say “I wish I could run” & other such things.  I had meant to tack it on to my post about running a mile, but I forgot & so here you go.  I did edit it a little to take out some personal details.

from my lofty perch of achievement, i’d like to say something. it might not sound entirely nice, but i mean it with all the love in my heart. (of course, how nice it does or doesn’t sound will depend on how much of yourself you recognize in it.)

when i talk about running, or a variety of things, i hear a lot of “i wish i could do that”. some ppl just say it conversationally, but some ppl are chronic wishers. i have been/am one of those ppl, so i’m not being judgy, but for those ppl i want to say


i made being able to run a mile a goal for myself 2yrs & some change ago, when i was still living in h*********. since then it has been a journey of fits & starts. i would work at for a while, then fall off the wagon. a lot of the time i felt like a failure, but each time i was patient with myself & i eventually got back out there. it has made me ever so happy to have finally met my goal^_^ i still have a long way to go, but right now i am superdeeduper happy with where i am at.

i want this for you, too. but me wanting it for you isn’t enough. you have to want it, whatever it is, enough for yourself to get out there & make it happen. it might be hard at first, & it might take a long time to get where you want to be, but believe me it will be worth it. and that will only be the beginning. making those steps to becoming your better self will open up doors for you that right now you can’t even imagine are possible. but they are. you just have to love yourself enough to get started. & started again. & started again. & started as many times as it takes. i know you have it in you to get where you want to be. ♥

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I Ran A Mile!

“The man who thinks he can and the man who thinks he can’t are both right. Which one are you?” 
~Henry Ford (Good Reads)

My big head after I ran a mile


I’ve been running intervals since I started running a couple of years ago.  It has been off & on, mostly off.  The whole time I have been running intervals, but I finally decided to push for distance because I have always had as a goal to be able to run a mile.


I started trying to run one solid half mile loop around the park.  I got close, but the two times I tried it I had to walk a couple of minutes.  I mentioned it on Fit Fatties & another runner told me if I slowed my pace down I would make my distance goal.  That night I tried it, & not only did I make it once around, I kept going & made it twice for a whole mile!  Hurray!!!

That was St. Patrick’s Day, so just over a week ago.  I have gone running three times this week & hit my mile each time.  No significant time improvements, but I’m working on it.

The first time I went out after St. Pat’s I was nervous I wouldn’t be able to repeat the mile.  I nearly worried myself into not going back out, but I did go & was as happy the second time I ran a mile as I had been the first.   Continue reading

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Fit Fatties Forum

Fit Fatties badge

Visit Fit Fatties

Sadly doesn’t support the active badge, so this is a screen cap.  You can still click it to link to the site though:)

This is a new site I have become involved with & I am loving it!  It is a forum for active people of every size from a Health At Every Size perspective.  It’s wonderful to have a space to talk about activity with people who don’t judge you & understand the issues you face, & no diet talk.

I highly recommend checking this out.

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I am still crying after reading this. I wanted to share it because it is such an honest & heartfelt look at what it is like to have a loved one with mental illness.

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“If you have a setback, and you’re not doing well and then you overcome it somehow, it always sticks with you. You know it could happen again”
~Sam Donaldson (Brainy Quotes)

GRR This is my angry face

More sullen, less cute, & you’ve almost got it.

So I went fifteen days of maintaining my habits, & then hit a little bump in the road.  I’m getting it back on track today though.

The funny thing is, it started Wednesday, when I saw the psych nurse.  I told her all about it & how things have been going, & she decided I was doing so well she was going to leave my meds where they are for another couple of months & see how things are going then.

It was a pretty good day, till I got home.  My dad was sick, so he was already in for the day sitting on the couch watching tv.  For some reason this pissed me right off.  I went straight to my room without even speaking to him or looking at him.  I like staying in my room & pretending he doesn’t exist & I don’t actually live in this shit hole.

I had bought a pizza on my way home, & when I saw he was home, I wouldn’t even bring it in the house.  I left it in the car for a few hours till I realized he wasn’t going anywhere, so I brought it inside.  Thankfully he could tell I was in no mood, so he didn’t speak to me or ask many any questions.  I had expected him to say something idiotic like “Did you bring home a pizza?”  Fuck yeah, it’s a pizza. What the hell else does it look like? A new couch??

So that continued for a few days.  Technically it is still continuing.  I was feeling pretty good today till I heard him come home & suddenly I felt dark again.  But I have laid in bed for three days doing nothing of merit & I really need to pull myself out of this slump.

Clearly I am having some mania issues, because despite knowing I need to not be spending my money, I stayed up all night & made a 4am Walmart run.  I needed something for my acid reflux & decided buy something for each of my three habits to encourage me back on track.  I went a teensy bit overboard though.  Oops!  Irritability for no clear reason, plotting the doom of others & myself, & spending money I don’t have.  Yep, it’s hypomania.  I miss the manic episodes where I became the exuberant party girl who stayed up for days & danced around naked.  Where did she go?? Continue reading