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Perfect Push-ups: Proper Exercise Form, Equipment, and More

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Movement is a medicine for creating change in a person’s physical, emotional, and mental states.
~Carol Welch (Quote Garden)

Inktastic t-shirt design: Push-ups T-Rex hates them too.

See! You thought it was just you. (Source)

I mentioned I restarted the hundred push-ups challenge.  I started a year ago (3/7/11, so almost exactly a year), but I quit after maybe three weeks.  It was in my sidebar, so I had the date & that I only started with five push-ups.  I’m finishing up week 1 today, so I did the first test some time last week, & I’m proud to say I maxed out with twenty then:D

To that end, I was doing a little more research into proper form, & ran across this article from WebMD.  It has some good info on push-ups, proper form, & information on several variations for people who are either unable to do a full push-up or are looking for something more challenging.

Perfect Push-ups: Proper Exercise Form, Equipment, and More

For myself, I do the half push-ups, also called knee push-ups or “girl push-ups”.  But I don’t like the last one:~P  I have carpal tunnel & bad knees (compressed cartilage & some loose bone chips, or something I forget what they told me they were exactly but they make it very painful to be on my knees.  Always wear your seatbelt!).  

For the knees I use two yogo mats.  One laid out flat to keep from laying in the floor & cushion under my hands, & the extra one rolled up under my knees.  This makes a huge difference since I would be unable to do them at all otherwise.

For the carpal tunnel, instead of using the typical flat hands, I go up on my fists.  They mention this method in the WebMD article, & call it knuckle push-ups.  I had never heard a name for it, so that was interesting.  It lets you keep your wrist straight during the exercise, so far less pressure & pain.

Also, watch your breathing!  I was having horrible headaches after doing the push-ups, & some research revealed it’s because I was slipping back into my old bad habit of holding my breath when I exercised.  Oops!  That’s apparently very bad & causes a lot of excess pressure in your head, especially if you are already eaten alive by sinus pain & pressure.  Dehydration can also cause headaches, so drink your water!

If anyone does or has done this challenge, I would love to hear about it!  I have a friend on facebook who just finished week 2.  She  posted tonight she did her retest & quadrupled the number of push-ups she maxed on her first test.  So hurray!


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