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Therapies for Treatment-Resistant Depression: A Review of the Research (Agency for Healthcare Research & Quality)

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“About half or more of all people treated with medicine for their depression will still have some symptoms or will have symptoms come back.”

Nonpharm therapy options for Treatment Resistant Depression

This is a consumer oriented article on non-pharmaceutical options for Treatment Resistant Depression.  The information is taken from studies done between 1980 & 2010.  As you can see from the image I skimmed from the article, it covers ECT, rTMS, VNS, & TT.

The inclusion of TT (talk therapy) really catches my attention here.  I think that should be a part of any mental health treatment (or behavioral health as is becoming the preferred term), regardless of whether someone is on meds or not.    The trend towards just pushing pills on people & letting that be that concerns & irks me.  In my experience most people struggling with Depression & other illnesses have personal issues they need to work out, as well as needing to learn new coping mechanisms & other ways of living with their diagnosis.  Just having a diagnosis can require some help processing for many people.

I get so annoyed when people talk about how depressed they are, but the only treatment they get is some pills from their regular doctor.  This is especially dangerous for people who might have undiagnosed Bipolar Disorder or another issue being masked by the more obvious signs of Depression.  Someone with Bipolar who is just given an anti-depressant can be spun into a manic episode & those don’t always end well.  With our current community mental health system proper care (or as close as the bare bones funding most of them get will allow) is within reach of most people.  Our society in general is way to geared towards just wanting to take a pill as a quick solution to any problem.

But anyhoo, enough of my blahblah, linkage:

Therapies for Treatment-Resistant Depression: A Review of the Research


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