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For Many Girls, Slimming Down Doesn’t Help Self-Esteem: MedlinePlus

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Weight loss doesn’t necessarily lead to a boost in obese teenage girls’ self-esteem, according to a new study.

Here’s something for the NO DUH! files.

Children being weighed

I’m just going to clean up my Facebook post on this, because it pretty much sums up my thinking on the issue.  My ire is mainly focused on one line:

‎”Why keep dieting and exercising if you are still going to see yourself as fat?”


1.  There are as many happy, confident fat people in the world as there are miserable, self loathing skinny people.  Why do we keep being fed the line if we lose weight we’ll love ourselves?  Tell that to the anorexics who are loving themselves to death.

2.  Why keep dieting & exercising?  Maybe because we should eat well & move more just because we love our bodies & not as a means to an end?   It seems like the only time we are encouraged to be healthy is when we are trying to be smaller (though, most of what they try to sell us to get there isn’t actually healthy).  Of course fat people just sit on their asses eating donuts & pizza all day, because we’re all a bunch of unhealthy slobs who don’t care about ourselves.  Of course skinny people can sit on their asses all day eating donuts & pizza, because everyone knows being skinny automatically means you’re healthy, so they don’t need to bother.  Shouldn’t nutrition & fitness matter for everyone all the time?

3.  Low self esteem is not some simple issue that is going to be fixed by dropping a few pounds.  I didn’t see mention of how much weight the girls lost, but if you have spent any amount of time being told how awful & disgusting your body is, & what a bad person you are for letting it get that way, those feelings are not going to disappear just because suddenly the world has decided your body finally meets inspection.  Not to mention for some people there is a WHY behind the fat that isn’t solved by a little diet & exercise.


I’m going to add a couple of comments from my fb post:

D: I love how the tone of the title is shocked. Like, the key to happiness is being skinny. What?! How can that be?! /sarcasm

Me: Yeah, it’s so much bullshit.  You’re measuring a young woman’s success & worth by her body.  How could that possibly lead to anything but the most wonderful sense of satisfaction with self?

And this concludes another edition of Facebook theater. *curtain*

For Many Girls, Slimming Down Doesn’t Help Self-Esteem: MedlinePlus.


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