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Health Tip: Use Proper Form When Running: MedlinePlus


Using proper running form can help prevent injuries and make running a little easier and more comfortable. 

Knee MRI shot from Wikipedia

Health Tip: Use Proper Form When Running: MedlinePlus.
(Image used from Wikipedia.)

This was just one of their brief bullet point articles, so not much to cull from for a blurb, so here is the bullet list:

  • Bend your elbows at a 90-degree angle and keep them close to your body, with your hands relaxed.
  • Relax your shoulders and keep them down; drive from your shoulders, not your elbows.
  • Avoid leaning forward at the waist, but keep a slight forward lean at the ankles.
  • Lift your knees higher as they move forward.
  • Hit the ground with your heel, rolling forward onto the ball of your foot. As you lift your foot off the ground, push-off with the front of your foot.
  • Hold your head steady and level, and try not to bounce.
I’m not back to running yet, but I’m trying to get back out there.  I have walked & tried doing a few other things, but my ankle/foot is still bothering me, along with some intermittent pain in my lower back. More on that behind the jump.

Things have been going well.  I haven’t gotten back to my habits as regularly as I was, but I’m doing okay.  Same with other areas.  I’m taking fair care of myself, getting things done around the house, & I’ve been working on my Etsy shop & crafting blog.  That’s been a lot of fun, & requires a lot of putting myself out there. I just did my first video for my crafting blog & uploaded it to youtube.  I even made it public…  That’s huge for me.

I turned the idea of doing a video over in my head for a while, but thought the idea of seeing/hearing myself on video would be too much, & putting it out there in cyberspace was really beyond the pale.  Turns out the horror of seeing & hearing myself dissipated within seconds of hitting ‘play’ on the first take.  Having done that, I have been feeling like more things are possible.  It’s great to feel like I am pushing beyond my fears & ideas about myself.

In other news, my lamotrigine was bumped up, so I’m on the new dose now.  As I mentioned, I’m feeling a bit better.  Went in for a physical as well, & the doctor was concerned about some numbness in my leg being a pinched nerve in my back.  After a round of x-rays, it turns out my back is fine, mostly*, but my knee shows signs of arthritis as well as being the source of the numbness due to 22yrs of post-car accident wear & tear.  C’est la vie.  (*The muscles in my back need a little strengthening.  They are puny.)

Other than that, & some high cholesterol, I am in excellent shape.  My kidney functions is dreamy & I have perfect blood pressure. My cholesterol/triglyceride issues are classic symptoms of PCOS.  Need to work harder on a healthier diet.  I want to get back to The Sugar Solution from Prevention.  It’s a great commons sense approach to eating to regulate sugar.  This month I seem to have caught up financially (cross your fingers) so hopefully will be able to have more freedom over what I eat & better access to healthier options rather than just having to take what I can get.

Anyhoo, popped in for a quick update, & look at me rambling on.  Just wanted you to know I haven’t forgotten you & I’m still here plugging away!  Good days & bad days, but I’m not dead yet:)


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2 thoughts on “Health Tip: Use Proper Form When Running: MedlinePlus

  1. As far as that Medline list goes…I’m kind of shocked that they recommend heel-striking. It’s pretty universally understood that a midfoot strike is the healthiest way to run to reduce shock from your footfalls.

    But until you can get back there, keep walking! Walking is great! I’m dealing with a knee injury myself lately, and as a prolific runner it’s been tough. Thank goodness I can walk though–I’ve made a point of doing all my regular running workouts as walking workouts and even started trying to beat my fastest times, which is both silly and fun!

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