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Flying Pig Apparel

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We’ve all heard by now the relentless stream of advice to eat less and exercise more.  And as of 2008, about 35% of American women were classified as overweight or obese.  Yet walk into any mainstream store, and their “plus size” department is relegated to a tiny corner, as if there are so few of us that they don’t need to carry much of a selection.  Now try to find active wear for “plus sizes” in that same ordinary department store.  If you can even locate it, it’s often items that are completely unsuitable for actual exercise.  The attitude is clear: ‘Larger women will buy exercise clothes when pigs fly.’
Flying Pig Apparel, “Meet Flying Pig Apparel

The women behind Flying Pig Apparel

I have a thread on the Fit Fatties Forum about activity clothing/gear for the larger ladies.  Recently one of the lovely ladies pictured above dropped by to say she had been making how own workout clothes & with some friends was starting their own line of plus size athletic clothes for women, Flying Pig Apparel.

They are starting a small first line of colorful cotton tops & pants, & currently looking into some more technical fabrics, made in your size.  However big your butt might be, they’ve got you covered (literally).  Here is a bit about what separates them from what is already out there, from their Kickstarter page.

 We’re different in several important ways.  We have no upper size limit on our products.  Some of the money from Kickstarter will pay for the pattern drafting software and wide format printer so that we can offer our active wear in any size.  Our prices will be more affordable for the average customer, with retail prices in the $25-50 per item range.  And we’ll be making our garments right here in Oregon, not sending them out to a factory overseas.

Speaking of their Kickstarter.  You have just seven days left to help them meet their goal of $11K to fund their first run of 250 items.  They have a lot of goodies to offer their backers, & are currently at 62%.  Donate now!  Sadly, all I have atm are some Paypal funds which Kickstarter does not accept. sigh  (Plus, I already pledged this month to help my friend Nakia Reynoso get his new album out.)

Here is an awesome interview with the ladies of FPA at Live Once, Juicy.  Read it!

If you want to keep up with FPA, here is their blog, facebook page, Twitter, & once again their Kickstarter page.


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