My Year To Thrive

"My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style." ~Maya Angelou


How To Foam Roll Like A Pro | Greatist

Foam Rolling Infographic

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I thought this was fun.  I think I’ll get a foam roller down the road.  The original is a bit bigger, so click the link if you want a more generously sized image.

UPDATE: My DIY foam roller for $2.49.


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Water Enhancers-They’re Everywhere « L-Jay Health

MiO liquid water enhancer from L-Jay Health

Water Enhancers-They’re Everywhere « L-Jay Health

I found this article at L-Jay Health & it is something that I have been thinking about for a while actually, especially since I’ve upped my use of these.

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Some Of My Favorite Shares From My Facebook Page

There is no specific definition of “beauty.” I can see beauty in a woman of any color, nationality and yes, of any size! Remember, the most beautiful part of who you are is not what the human eye can see. What really makes you beautiful comes from within you and shows up in the way you treat others and the way you treat…yourself.
~Richard Simmons (fb page)

A drawing of a rabbit & a turtle running.

It doesn’t matter which one you are… JUST RUN!

I’ve been wanting to do this for a few weeks, because I share a lot of things on my page I don’t use here, & I thought it would be nice to blog a list of my favorites from each week.  Here some of them, but I make no promises it will actually happen each week -_-   I have a bit of a build-up, so I thought I’d practice my in-page jumps & make a little list.






Mental Health

Just Plain Funny

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I Need Band-Aids: Proof That I’m A Runner!

“It will never rain roses: when we want to have more roses, we must plant more roses.” 
~George Eliot (Good Reads)

My foot wrapped in duct tape to protect a blister while I ran.

That’s my foot.

Got ready to go running last night & discovered the big blister I had from Wednesday was still hanging around.  Blah.  I had already waited out a lightning storm, a blister was not going to stop me! Rawr!  I’m making really good progress on my 3mi goal, so super psyched about running these days.

My first instinct was to cover it with a band-aid, but alas I could only find teeny tiny band-aids & giant adhesive patches:(  What to do? What to do?  Aha!  I folded up some paper towel, slathered it in vaseline & neosporin, then duct-taped it to my foot.  As you can see, I used a lot of duct-tape, too.  It never budged & my blister actually looked better when I was done.  I felt so runnery running around in my taped up blister foot.

I couldn’t remember if I had read that somewhere or just made it up, so when I got home I did a search to see just how far off the bubble my idea was.  Turns out, it’s a pretty common practice.  I decided to share a few links on the issue of dealing with blisters.

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My Gateway To Returning To Work

I believe the most important single thing, beyond discipline & creativity is daring to dare.
~Maya Angelou

Me with Magic Johnson, c2004

This photo is from when I was working at an HIV clinic (I was a Social Worker) & got to meet Magic Johnson at a dinner when he was in town speaking. I worked there for 3yrs until 2006 & it was the last job I successfully held. I let it drain me dry & didn’t take care of myself.  After that I continued to try & work for a few years but I went through so many jobs I couldn’t even get hired in fast food at the end.  The psychiatrist suggested I apply for disability after I ended up in a residential treatment facility because I refused to be hospitalized again.

I signed up for a SSDI (disability) jobs program.  I have my interview in August.  I will also be part of a research program studying different ways of structuring how working affects benefits.  I am both excited & afraid, but mostly excited since from what I’ve been told I will receive a lot of support in getting back into the job market.  Specifically I will receive a job counselor who will help me with all that good stuff.

It has always been my intention to return to work.  I’m classified as a type B under SSDI, which means recovery is possible, but not likely.  I remember the day I saw that it hit me like a ton of bricks “but not likely”.  I guess it depends on how you define recovery.  I know, after years of denial (which is how I got here), I will never not be bipolar.  There is no cure.  We don’t even know how it works, or in some cases how the meds help we just know that they do.  The brain is still a great big mystery to us, but they are learning more about how this stuff works every day.  But for me recovery has always meant getting stable enough to be able to return to work, as in gainfully, professionally employed.

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A Picture Of My Cat That Has Nothing To Do With Anything

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I wanted to post this somewhere that required a URL rather than uploading.  This seemed like a good option.

My cat sticking his tongue out.



My Advice For Running In The Heat

So, I’m on tumblr.  I follow/reblog tags like running, HAES, bipolar, body positivity, etc.  From time to time I get questions from people about these things, including from runners just starting out or wanting to start.  Sometimes the advice I give actually gets reblogged, which makes me feel super special!

Salty Running (a blog by & for women runners) had a post today regarding more women runners blogging their expertise, which got me to thinking about if I have any expertise.  I give advice, so I guess I know something even if it is of the experiential variety, i.e. this is what has worked for me.  Since it’s already written up, & I am currently on the job of trying to clean up the disaster area my bedroom has become while catching up the dishes I didn’t do yesterday & hopefully get around to some custom jewelry & crochet orders I have had sitting around for far too long, I thought this was a good place to start.

I’m going to try to write about how I got started & how I have progressed when I have more time, because even if I’m not some super runner it’s something I like to share with people, especially people of size, about how to get started & how to keep going when you suck at sticking with things.  My blog is mainly about my journey & serves to hopefully encourage other people who live with mental illness or larger than the world would like bodies to get running, or whatever it is they want to do, but I guess I do know a few things & those people have questions.  It’s nice to be able to get answers from someone who knows something of what you’re going through, even if it’s a question a lot of other people could answer.

So without further ado:

A question from tumblr regarding advice on running when it's hot outside if you can't get up to do it in the mornings.

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