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"My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style." ~Maya Angelou

Oh My Gourd It’s Hot & Running & Stuff


"That's what running does to lives.  It's not just exercise.  It's not just achievement.  It's a daily discipline that has nothing to do with speed, weight, social status, sexual orientation, political affiliatioin, where you live, what car you drive, or whether anyone anywhere loves you.  It's about the slow & painful process of being the best you can be.  That's why the first step out the door is the always so hard.  That's when we choose between settling for average & being a superhero version of ourselves."  ~Martin Dugard, To Be A RunnerI found a quote.
I found a picture.
This is their baby.

It has been in the triple digits here. ermahgerd  Our dining room ceiling is still mid-repair from last year’s tornado, so I have been stuck in this trailer with nothing between me & triple digit weather than a tin roof.  Only in the dining room, but that’s the middle & all we have are air conditioners on either end.  The lowest I will take the a/c in the living room is 72f & even sitting in here with it & a box fan on high, I’m still sweating.  Thankfully it’s raining tonight & it’ll be back in the 90s tomorrow.

I have been pushing my runs back even later than usual trying to wait till the temp dropped under 100f, so I’ve been running at night.  I actually love running at night, especially since they seem to have fixed the broken lights around the park, and I’m not running down by the water any more so no having to run up the unlit hill flanked by dark trees.  That part always spooked me.

Beyond the heat, I have also been dealing with feeling down this week.  If I had air in my room I wouldn’t have even gotten out of bed for a few days.  It didn’t help I had my first period on new birth control this week, which was a nightmare.  I haven’t been on anything for my PCOS in a few years, so it had been a while.  If you have any experience with PCOS you know what I’m talking about >_<  I took it easy this week, & the runs weren’t a problem, but I have been more tired.  But that must have passed, because the last couple of days I have been feeling more manic – increasingly irritable, not sleeping, flurries of tumblr & facebook posts & messages, not eating – but I think it’s also the heat.  In general mood-wise, I have been feeling pretty good since my last dose increase.  But there will always be ups & downs, & the running really helps with that.  The day looks a lot different when you have something to look forward to.

I hit a new straight running goal Friday, 2mi.  Hurray!  I totalled my mileage for June, a combo of running & walking, & it was 36.12mi.  I am really proud of that number, especially since I didn’t start running in June until the 12th due to my ankle/foot/knee fiasco.  I ended up not running for 2&1/2mo after that:(  I’m looking forward to seeing how far that number jumps for July.  I’m also getting faster.  I’m still working back to where I was before I hurt my ankle, but I’ve knocked a minute off my mile time for June.  I got an Amazon gift card, so I’ll be ordering a Sansa Clip Zip Tuesday.  I’m not only excited about having an mp3 player than doesn’t stop every time I get a call or text, but also because it has a lap timer so I can get a better feel for my actual pace running.  (Right now I take my speed from the over all time spent running & walking, so my mile run times are estimates.)

  • Monday: 1/2mi walk – 1mi run – 1/2mi walk – 1mi run – 1/2mi walk – 1 mi run – 1/2mi walk = 5mi
  • Wednesday: 1/2mi walk – (walk 1min, run the rest of 1/2mi) x 4 – 1/2mi walk = 3mi
  • Friday: 1/2mi walk – 2mi run – 1/2mi walk

This next week is a sort of rest week.  I’m just going to run a mile MWF, & do some light speed work.  A couple of days, probably MW, I’m going to do some speed intervals, probably picking up the pace a bit for 1min every 5min, or 4min because my OCD tendencies really want my time segments to be even.  I have several discomforts to work around.  Then Friday I’m going to try a negative split.  My loop at the park is 1/2mi, so I’ll be running the first lap at my usually speed & then run the 2nd lap a little faster.  But just a little.  This is my rest week, so whatever I do needs to be easy.

I hope to come back the next week a little faster & ready to build up to 3.1mi solid running.  I plan to hit that before the end of July.  At that point I’m going to stop & start working on my speed.  I want to get down to a 15min mile (or 4mph if you prefer) before I start increasing my mileage.  Hopefully that won’t take long, because I only scheduled in 10wks for my 5K distance, which gets me midway into August.  Then I gave myself 15wks for 10K & 20wks for the half marathon distance.  And that leaves me with a couple of weeks to taper before the race.  Yay!  All of this is approximate of course, based on how my training goes, but that’s the general plan I made.  One plus about the heat is I keep thinking about how runners slow down in the heat, so think about how fast I’m going to get when the weather cools off?

I guess that’s it for now.  I keep feeling like there was something else I wanted to talk about, but nothing comes to mind.  I’ve been meaning to write about my HM training, & I did it:)  I am going to work on a highlights post of things I’ve shared on my facebook page this week, & maybe some things from tumblr.


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2 thoughts on “Oh My Gourd It’s Hot & Running & Stuff

  1. Nice work this month, and glad to hear your running goals are really taking off! Have you thought about morning runs at all? When I lived in New Orleans that was the only way I could manage to run during the worst of the summer, and it feels great all day to know you’ve accomplished something already!

    • Thanks!

      I am absolutely not a morning person, so that would never work. I did a morning gym boot camp thing last year & I hated it. I was ruined for the rest of the day because I had already used up all of my energy & I just wanted to go back to bed.

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