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"My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style." ~Maya Angelou

Do Zombies Lead Healthier Lives Than the Average North American? | Rock Paper Cynic (Plus Running & Goals)

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Rock Paper Cynic

Do Zombies Lead Healthier Lives Than the Average North American? – Zombie Comics

This is fantastic.  I found this at Rock Paper Cynic & just had to share.  If you like this please check him out.   It isn’t all zombies (he’s a fan of The Walking Dead), there is some fantasy nerd humor in there & some just generally hilarious stuff.  Including a comic about why not wearing pants always makes you a winner. (It’s true.)

I thought this would be a fun post:)  I’m working on an informative post based on my psych visit yesterday, but apparently the interweb isn’t ready for me to have that kind of knowledge just yet.  Oh well, maybe tomorrow I’ll have something satisfactory enough to publish.

I did finally go running again yesterday.  I did timed intervals instead of distance based, & changed up my planned route in the middle because the day turned out to be much more sunny & warm than it has been so I wanted a route that offered more shade, less merciless sun by the waterfront.  I tracked the route though when I got back at Map My Run, & came out to about 2.67mi.  I had intended to go a little farther, but I was using my new mp3 player for lap tracking/timing & was having trouble reading the screen with all the sun out there, so I accidentally skipped my last run/walk interval.  Boo.  But I could tell it had been a while, since last Monday for those not tracking my runs as closely as I do:)  Even if I only got one run in last week & this week, I am glad that I did get back out there & that no weeks went without me running.  Sometimes you have to take the victory where you can find it & something is always better than nothing.  At least when it comes to running & other good stuff.

I’m also happy to report I left yesterday excited to go running again, so looking forward to Monday.  I was considering going back out tomorrow & just shifting my days next week to TTS, but since I earned myself a toe blister yesterday I figured the extra day will do me good.  Plus, you know I’m a creature of habit & if my schedule gets thrown off I’m out.  I did love seeing myself running faster yesterday & it reminded me of why I love running – getting to set goals & work for them.

These  days my biggest goals seem nebulous (finding the right meds, getting stable, returning to work – how? when?  I can’t plan around that because who knows how long it will take.).  It’s hard to map a plan for those things because so much of it is outside my control, anyone’s control really.  It just is what it is.  When I run, I get to make a definite plan – I will run this far or for this long.  I want to run this fast.  I’m going to run these days, these routes, etc etc etc.  I can make & follow a concrete plan, & I love that.  So much of my life is up in the air but the one thing I do have is my feet on the pavement. (Whoa, doesn’t that sound deep?  I’m like a guru or some shit.)


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