My Year To Thrive

"My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style." ~Maya Angelou

Some Of My Favorite Shares From My Facebook Page

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There is no specific definition of “beauty.” I can see beauty in a woman of any color, nationality and yes, of any size! Remember, the most beautiful part of who you are is not what the human eye can see. What really makes you beautiful comes from within you and shows up in the way you treat others and the way you treat…yourself.
~Richard Simmons (fb page)

A drawing of a rabbit & a turtle running.

It doesn’t matter which one you are… JUST RUN!

I’ve been wanting to do this for a few weeks, because I share a lot of things on my page I don’t use here, & I thought it would be nice to blog a list of my favorites from each week.  Here some of them, but I make no promises it will actually happen each week -_-   I have a bit of a build-up, so I thought I’d practice my in-page jumps & make a little list.






Mental Health

Just Plain Funny


7 Reasons to Start Running |  “Many people think about becoming runners, but have not started to run. If you fall into this category, here are seven reasons that you should start today.”

A Runner’s Guide to Inflammation | Salty Running  “Inflammation doesn’t have to be a gremlin in your body.  In fact, if you take care of it well and don’t feed it after midnight, Inflammation can be a protective little guy who helps keep you running right.”

Half Marathon Training Tips for Beginners |  “Half marathon training for beginners takes time and dedication, but don’t let that stop you. Even as a new runner, you can train for and complete a half marathon in less time than you think.  Here are six tips to help you train and race through 13.1 miles.”

Can You Be Fit & Fat? | Runner’s World  “Many of us would describe the ideal runner’s body as lean, lanky, lithe. But then someone who is none of those things blows past us in a 5-K, leaving us questioning what “fit” really looks like.” (from their Running Debate column, April 2011 issue)


Yogi Chocolate: Yoga downloads by donation

Curvy Yoga: Yoga for your body

Yoga for Runners: Post-Run | Do Yoga With Me  “Practicing a few yoga poses after a run, when your muscles are warm and soft, will make you feel a whole lot better the next day. Post-run yoga will decrease injuries and improve the health and strength of muscles.” (video)


Does Size = Health? | Pretty Strong  “How much truth does your size actually hold? I say none. You must look underneath the exterior to find out the truth about their health. Look into their anatomy.”  (Written by 2012 Team USA Olympic weight lifter Sarah Robles.)

Eight Tricks to Make Weight Training More Effective | Shape  “Get more out of every rep – without doing any more work!” (slide show)


A line drawing of a woman standing in front of a full length mirror that shows her brain.

The Prayer for Sanity: Let this be all that you see in the mirror & when you see your reflection keep always the knowledge that you are more than your flesh & hair & body fat percentage.

A drawing of several women of all heights, sizes, & colorings.

Beauty comes in all shapes & sizes. (Referring page sometimes shares adult humor, so think about that before you click the image.)

A sepia toned photo of a woman's legs

My legs are not the most slender or delicate of creatures. They are not as thin as any models & my thighs most certainly touch. But they run thick with my passion, my effort. They run strong with my sweat & my endurance. When I think I can go no further they prevail. When I want to collapse they stand. They have taken what I thought impossible & proved me wrong time after time. They are my work, my dedication, my courage personified. My Legs are strong my Legs are beautiful.


Sports Nutrition News You Can Use |  “Sports Nutrition news these days can be overwhelming and confusing to the common athlete. If you want to fuel right, but aren’t a dietician or nutritionist, use this guide to help you apply and implement the most important concepts of sports nutrition and healthy eating.” (In short: eat more beets)

Video: Strawberry Spinach Salad | Clean & Delicious with Dani Spies  The recipe is also in the post, if you don’t want to watch the video.  I ❤ spinach!

Mental Health

Identifying Irrational Thoughts | Psych Central  “One of the most common components of cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy (CBT) is identifying and answering irrational thoughts. Once you can label and dissect an irrational thought, you take away some of its power.”

Anti-Diabetic Hormone Curbs Depression Symptoms in Mice | Psych Central  “The findings offers a new target for treating depression, especially in people who have Type 2 diabetes or are at risk for developing it”  (I found it very interesting that rates of Depression about diabetics is 2-3x higher than in the general public.)

FDA Accepts Company’s Inhaled Drug for BP I & Schizophrenia | Bi[polar] Curious  “The drug will be inhaled through an inhaler to provide almost immediate relief”

The Technique that Silicone Valley Geeks are Using to Hack the Voices Inside Their Heads | io9  “Called Internal Family Systems (IFS), it’s an integrated approach to individual psychotherapy that breaks conscious thoughts into individual, manageable parts that can be reprogrammed.”

Just Plain Funny

A drawing of a bunch of men in racing uniforms ironing.

Iron Man Competition


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