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Water Enhancers-They’re Everywhere « L-Jay Health

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MiO liquid water enhancer from L-Jay Health

Water Enhancers-They’re Everywhere « L-Jay Health

I found this article at L-Jay Health & it is something that I have been thinking about for a while actually, especially since I’ve upped my use of these.

I was never a water drinker.  My mother could never get me to drink water when I was a kid.  Tap water freaks me out, because it feels dirty & I can’t help thinking about all the stuff that might be swimming around in there.  Part of this may come from growing up with well water.  In my early school days I would drink from the water fountain, but it didn’t take long for me to start thinking about how nasty those spouts could be.  Some kids practically suckled those things.  Gross.  When bottled water came along it was like a miracle for me.  For the first time in my life I could actually drink water & feel safe about it.  I still didn’t like plain water, but in college I added a splish-splash of apple cider vinegar to it.  Down the road when I had my own place, in an effort to be more eco & budget friendly I got a filter pitcher & then moved up to a faucet filter.  I still had issues with reusable bottles, so I reused the disposable bottles.  Don’t ask my what the difference was.  My fears are not based in rational thinking.  They come from a very crazy place.

I recently again invested in a tap filter, but this time I got some bottles to use.  My running inspired that a lot because I needed something better than just a puny little screw-cap disposable water bottle for my runs.  After investing in a bottle for my running, it was easy to make the leap to bottles for my regular water.  I found some liter bottles at the dollar store for $2 each.  I started off with two, but decided to add a third because i was drinking that much water (I need my water to sit & chill over night after I fill it, so just refilling the first one wasn’t a good option).  They have basic spouts, so no tubes or sport tops to worry about scrubbing clean or they’ll trap germs, which was a really important factor when I was looking.  I wouldn’t say that I’m a germaphobe, but I tend to think too much & the older I get the more I think about germs.  Working in an infectious disease clinic for 3yrs did not help, btw.

A picture of my water bottlesTwo of my liter bottles & the blue one in the background right side is my running bottle.

But anyhoo, my point being all that water I’ve been drinking, except the water for running, is now flavored with the calorie free water enhancers.  When I was drinking bottled water I could drink more of it plain, but now it has to have a flavor added.  I have been wondering for a while how healthy is this.  How much does it really count as drinking water when you’re pretty much drinking kool-aid?  So all of this story about my lifetime water drinking habits is to say, that is why I found this post interesting.  There is also some interesting ideas in the comments.

I don’t think I’ll be changing my drinking habits any time soon, but I do also like True Lemon, which is crystallized lemon juice, & have been thinking about getting on their regular order plan.  You can buy the little boxes in the stores, but the 100 pk box from their website is a way better value, & if you get on their mailing list they frequently have coupons like free shipping & even 50% off your order.  You can order a free sample that includes a few of their flavors, which is how I discovered them.  (I wanted to link to the free samples, but all I can find available now are for food service, but I don’t see anything that would keep anyone from ordering them: True Lemon free samples)


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