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"My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style." ~Maya Angelou

Chris Freytag’s 3-2-1 Circuit Video

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He who has health, has hope; and he who has hope, has everything.
~Thomas Carlyle (Brainy Quotes)

Video segments courtesy of Collage Video. (I have no idea why this video won’t center.)

I’ve been trying to get into doing some strength training, yoga, & whatnot on some of the the days I don’t run, but I’ve been having trouble getting going.  Today I finally pulled my 3-2-1 dvd out & did that.  I ❤ Chris Freytag.  This video is part of the Prevention family of fitness videos.  Here is the video’s page at Collage Video because imho you can’t beat CV for workout video shopping.  There’s plenty of customer reviews & the staff review of the video.

Chris is big into nutrition & fitness, & as is typical is part of the weight loss community.  I don’t see that in this video, but I do know some members of the HAES community are very put off by the weight loss ethos.  Like I said, I haven’t noticed any weight loss talk in this video, though it might be there & went over my head.  However if you visit her website you will see several references to weight loss.  Just wanted to put that out there.  If you are interested in videos specifically HAES oriented, check out the bottom of this post.

I did this dvd today for the first time in  while.  It wore me out -_-  It’s broken down into six 6min circuit workouts.  Each circuit is made up of 3mins of cardio, 2mins of strength, & 1min of core work.  Each cardio segment is choreographed based on a theme: sports, dancing, yoga, boot camp, kickboxing, & … something; I’m sorry I can’t remember the other one.  The strength segments each focus on a different part of the body: arms, shoulders, back, buttocks, legs,  & chest.  The core segments are a variety of crunches & floor work.  It starts out with a walking tape moves warm-up & it ends with some yoga based stretching.

Here is a list of reasons I like this video (& I’ve been doing it for a few years off & on):

  • I love the circuit structure because by the time I start thinking “Okay, I’m tired of doing this”, it’s time to do something else.  I don’t have the chance to get bored or want to quit.
  • Chris has an upbeat, but not saccharine personality, a supportive tone, & good cueing. < very important.
  • Chris is fit, but not skinny.  In a sea of  tiny little women telling me how easy it should be to wrap my leg up around my head or something, it’s nice to see someone who at the very least is over a size 2.
  • She looks natural, fresh faced & pony-tailed.  I have another tape I enjoy, but the instructor wears entirely too much make-up.  To me it’s distracting, especially since her lashes looked like spiders are attacking her eyes. (I’m afraid of spiders.)
  • She has two women working out with her.  While they are both skinny, one of them is black, so score one for racial diversity, & the other one is tall & gangly.  Call me awful, but I feel a little better seeing her look goofy executing the moves, even when she’s the one doing the advanced versions.  I never got passed 5’4″ so I’ve always been jealous of tall people.  The other woman does the beginner modifications.
  • The segments can be done as a whole, or individually.

And the short list of things I don’t like about it:

  • They are all skinny.  I appreciate videos with more body diversity.
  • Riding on that, I’ve had years of classes & videos to learn how to adapt things to my body, but it would be great if there was some ideas given for adapting moves to different bodies.  My fellow fatties know sometimes you just need to know what to do with your belly.  Usually this is solved by making space between your legs for it, but on some of the moves I wondered how much I was changing the exercise by not having my legs out the way they did?  Also, one particular move with the weights doesn’t work as well for me because my giant boobs are in the way.  The way it is shown, I can only do the move about halfway & still keep my elbows at my sides.
  • It involves a lot of getting up & down switching between floor & standing exercises, which is difficult for me.  I have banged up knees from a car wreck (which involves compressed cartilage & bone chips) & carpal tunnel syndrome in my wrists, so it is difficult & painful for me to be on my hands & knees.  When I do just a floor workout I have extra padding to use that helps, but when you’re up & down & moving around a bunch, it doesn’t work.  Plus, they don’t help much with the just getting up & down.

Obviously the last one is more personal than general, but I think a lot of people can identify with those issues.  I still plan to continue using the video, & now that I’ve refreshed myself about the moves I can be better prepared next time.  I used to do this pretty regularly, so it’s doable if I’m prepared.  One thing I definitely plan to differently next time is bring my 2lb weights.  I only brought my 5’s today, & on one move on the shoulders I had to just drop them.  My shoulders are much weaker than the rest of me – or just already overwhelmed by the weight of the world I carry around.  le sigh

So, there is my first video review!  I also have Chris’s walking workout dvd & it comes with a guided walk cd, but I haven’t used the cd.  If you like the indoor walking workout tapes, I’d give it a try.  It has a different flavor than Leslie Sanson (who I like as well, though she can be a bit bubbly & religious).

I run Monday, Wednesday, & Friday, so I’m going to try & incorporate 3-2-1 on Tuesdays & Thurdays.  I have Suzanne Deason yoga dvd I would like to do on Saturdays.  At one point I was doing it regularly for a while & really seeing progress, but typically I let someone make me feel I wasn’t doing enough so I quit.  But my main focus will stay the running, so if I find myself feeling overwhelmed & not wanting to go out MWF, I’ll cut back on the videos.  I’ve been reluctant to really push to add anything else because that tends to signal a stopping point for me.  I have to try though, right?

For people looking specifically for workout videos for larger bodies, from plus-size instructors, & based on HAES principles, here are a few I have seen recommended in other places.  I haven’t tried these personally.

Debra Mazda’s Shapely Girl Fitness

Kelly Bliss

Curvy Yoga

HeavyWeight/ HeartfeltYoga (The Youtube channel)

For people with special needs, Collage has a Health Challenge section, both workout & informational videos.


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