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Basic Running Tips : Jogging Tips – YouTube


Everyone who has run knows that its most important value is in removing tension and allowing a release from whatever other cares the day may bring.
~Jimmy Carter 
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Basic Running Tips : Jogging Tips – YouTube

After yesterday’s post & now jumping to a Youtube video on running form, I feel like this blog is as bipolar as I am.  I guess that makes sense since it’s my blog:)  Yesterday I talked about trying to kill myself, today I bring you a short video about proper running form!

One of the benefits of starting out slow is that it makes it really easy to concentrate on developing your form.  I’ve already mastered the keeping your fists loose (I started out running with clenched fists & that was a hard habit to break) & keeping my shoulders out of my ears.  Staying loose while you’re running is super important.  You need to put your energy into your run & not into clenching & hunching.

I really struggle with keeping my head up, because I have a natural tendency to want to look down around other people because I’m awkward & to watch my feet because I’m clumsy.  I’ve tripped over the line on a football field & that’s just chalk.  Since watching this video I’ve also been working on keeping my arms moving in a straight line & trying to follow this guy’s advice on posture.  On that last one I have to admit I don’t entirely understand him.  I think I do sort of, just not fully.  Lean forward, don’t sit.  Gotcha.  My feet have a bit of a natural turn-out (this was awesome in ballet), so keeping my feet pointing forward is uncomfortable for my knees, but I haven’t had an issue with letting them drift out while running.

The video is less than 2mins long, but for those who can’t watch it for whatever reason or just don’t want to, I’ve condensed his main points into this handy list.  TBH, I usually skip videos myself.  I have crappy internet & a lack of patience.

  1. Arms straight, no swinging or twisting side-to-side, it’s inefficient & you’re wasting movement.
  2. Don’t stand up straight.  Bend slightly forward from the waist.  Don’t “sit” while you’re running.
  3. Keep your feet straight when running & don’t let them drift out to the side.

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3 thoughts on “Basic Running Tips : Jogging Tips – YouTube

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  2. I am probably forming a bad habit when I run. I run early in the morning when it is dark. I am constantly looking at the ground for holes. Thanks for this informative post.

    • You’re welcome! Thanks for stopping by:)

      I run in the evenings & sometimes it gets dark while I’m out there. Thankfully I run on a loop at the local park, so as long as I stay on my paved loop there are no holes to watch out for (right now anyway), but it gets the odd chunk of gravel that rolls my ankle, plenty of pine needles & cones if the weather is right, & the occasional unleashed small dog who likes to run around my feet.

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