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Running Tips, Tricks, & FAQ | JustBreathe831

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Running: Tips, Tricks, & FAQ

Life is half agony, half ecstasy. – So I’ve been getting a lot of questions regarding…

So I’ve been getting a lot of questions regarding running and cross country. I’m so happy that a lot of you are so excited about joining your school’s XC team! I really wish I had time to answer all of your personal questions, but I just don’t. Lucky for you, I have a WHOLE ENTIRE PAGE dedicated to answering questions about running!

This post came across my dashboard on tumblr & I liked it so much I decided to blog it.  It’s full of helpful hints & links to all sorts of info for all levels & styles of runner.  I didn’t read everything on it, but what I did read I liked, & I did skim it for diet/weight loss talk & didn’t see any.  That’s always a plus.

Hope you enjoy it!

Also, hate to admit it, but I did not run tonight like I said I would.  Today turned into another weird day, better but still with the imploding project I’ve been trying to get done for months, a doctor’s office that didn’t open when I had an appointment which was a rescheduled appointment from before when there was an emergency leaving no one to open the office & no one bothered to call the people on the schedule, & I wouldn’t know if they tried to call me today because my cell is out of service.  I had to order another one & I’m waiting till it gets here to renew my service because I have prepaid & had to order a service card with it so there’s a few days gap in service.  It’s supposed to be here tomorrow & I’m finally getting a smart phone 😀  Not the one I wanted, but a refurb that was cheap & an improvement over my current not-so-smart phone, so I’m happy.  I was planning on getting an Android but the screen is going out on my current phone & I don’t have it in the budget for a fancy new phone atm.  I got a blackberry style Nokia though that has wonderful reviews, even if it isn’t the latest, fanciest phone.  It’ll do at least until I have a big new cage for Velveeta, new running shoes, the bills caught up, & whatever it is I need to get done ahead of spending a couple of hundred dollars on a phone.  But I digress.  By the time I gave up on the shelf I’ve been trying to build in an alcove over my built-in dresser, which should be pretty straight forward but has defied me at every turn, I decided to shake the day off & go running, but then I looked outside & it was almost dark so I didn’t.  I’m a loser.  Oh, & did I mention we are still getting  weather off the tail end of Isaac?  That’s another good “reason” for not running, right?


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