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New Path | Achieve Believe Succeed (& a running update)

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New Path from Achieve Believe Succeed

New Path

This came from Aaron Schulefand’s blog, Achieve Believe Succeed, today & I thought I would share, along with a quick update.

Finally ran again Tuesday.  Started on my 4mi goal.  I’ve been looking at some 10K plans to see if I can find something more structured to use, but I don’t see anything that makes as much sense for me as what I’m doing now.  I took a mileage break & did some casual speedwork, & I noticed during that my knee hurt more & I think the area of the nerve damage spread a little.  oops.  So I’ve decided to stick with just easy running I can enjoy & not worry about getting faster.

(Although, funny story, In the middle of my final run lap, I accidentally turned off my mp3 player & lost all my time info>_<  I had checked them as I marked ever mile so I remembered the 3mi I had clocked & the warm-up walking lap.  I started the clock again & decided I would guestimate the 4th mile based on the other miles & then subtract the warm-up & cool-down times from the total – because I was also wearing a sports watch that just had a long timer on it.  But alas, when I got home I realized I had forgotten to stop it when I was done & the timer had been running for I don’t know how long after I had finished.  So there went that.  I still think I got a pretty good estimate though.  Not bad, not as good as my last times but not back to the beginning.  It’ll improve naturally as I’m back out there, so I’m not worried about it.)

I’m also thinking I need to go back to the doctor & maybe see a specialist about my knee.  Who knows, I actually have insurance this time so maybe it can be fixed.  When it was first a problem after the accident, I was told there was a surgery to repair it but my family wouldn’t be able to afford it.  boo.  Oh well, it’s nothing an anti-inflammatory & some knee exercises won’t fix.

Overall, I’m just really pleased it only took me a couple of weeks to get back out there.  My breaks are getting less frequent & shorter, so I consider that a great success.  Better to me than any speed or mileage goal.  It’s nice to be in a place where I can not run/do whatever for a while, & not berate myself to the point I feel like a failure & just give up.

Oh, & since I finally upgraded to a smart phone, I got Endomondo.  For technical reasons I had to go back to using my old phone while I wait on a new sim card, so haven’t gotten to test it out yet.  Looking forward to it though.  It will be interesting to see what the gps says about my mileage, because I think I might actually be running long miles.

So there’s that.  My mood has picked back up, so I’ve been back to doing things around here.  I’m also trying (again) to get myself on a schedule.  I suck at it, but I know it will be so beneficial for me.  I just haven’t found the balance that works from me between so structured I can’t keep up with it & so loose I procrastinate & get nothing done.  I was doing well with my 6wk  3things habit builder, but after 5wks something happened & I just couldn’t ever get it going again.  Probably I should try it, but at this point I feel like three things isn’t going to make a dent, lol.

Hope this finds everyone well!


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