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Weekly Running Update: Sept.10-16 (& A Yurbuds Giveaway!)


“Running is a thing worth doing not because of the future rewards it bestows, but because of how it feeds our bodies and minds and souls in the present.”
~Kevin Nelson (Gibson’s Daily Running Quotes)

A picture of me before my run on Thursday.

I had a really good run Thursday, & during the run I decided instead of posting about it when I got home I’d start doing a weekly running update for those things.  This week was a tech disaster, lol, but the times I did manage to capture were pretty good.

This week I worked on 4mi.  I have been looking for a 10K training plan, but haven’t found anything that feels right to me, so I’m just taking it a mile at a time doing intervals.  Since I’m tracking how many miles I can run towards my half marathon distance though, it’s nice to be able to move it along quicker than I could if I was training up multiple miles at a time.  So that’s a positive.  I. do think I need to find a training play for the HM.

Tues, 9/11
1/2mi walk, 4mi x 5/1 run-walk intervals, 1/2mi walk =1:41:xx
The pace estimate I came up with for the run miles was 3.15mph, or 19:05/mi.
I accidentally turned my mp3 off, so I lost the lap times I had there, & then messed up the time on the watch I use.  The time was an estimate from what I remembered & the time left when I restarted the mp3 timer. A bit slow for me, but I was being cautious since I hadn’t run in 2wks.

Thurs, 9/13
1/2mi walk, 4mi x 7/1 run-walk intervals, 1/2mi walk =1:34:35.3
Mile 1: 17:26.6
Mile 2: 17:32.7
Mile 3: 17:14.3
Mile 4: 17:30.5
Average Pace: 17:26, 3.44mph
I felt stronger & more confident than I had Tues, so I started faster.  I’ve been trying to hold back a little because I tend to do well the first mile & then nosedive.  This day I felt like I could try faster & started off at a comfortable pace.  I was pleasantly surprised at my consistency.  Thank goodness nothing died today!

Sat, 9/15 
1/2mi walk, 4mi x 9/1 run-walk intervals, 1/2mi walk =~1:37:xx
Mile 1: 16:46, after that ???
Estimated Average Pace: 18mins/mi, 3.33mph
My fastest recorded mile yet, & every timer I had with me died during my run after that sigh I need to build a charging station & stay on top of that.  I had my mp3 player for lap times, my watch for overall time & intervals, & I finally got everything sorted with my new phone so I was using Endomondo with gps for the first time.  I had neglected to charge the phone or the mp3 player before my run & the watch is apparently dying because it reset itself twice.  My phone lasted until the middle of my last mile, so I had an overall time for that & guestimated the rest based on my usual times.

Speedy Gonzales running

I’d like an app that would also serve as an interval timer.  It would be nice to not have to keep my eye on the watch to know when it’s time to walk or run.  The only running apps I’ve found for my phone (Nokia) are Endomondo & Sports Tracker.  I haven’t tried the ST.  It has good reviews, but looks like it does pretty much the same as the Endomondo though.  Unfortunately it seemed like the gps signal was going in & out during my run so the distance was short, but I can map my routes online close enough & go to the high school track if I need an exact distance.  Since I’m not doing serious training it doesn’t really matter.

It’s a contest!  Since I used a quote from Gibson’s Daily Running Quotes on Facebook, I should mention they are also giving away three pairs of Yurbuds sport earphones.  In the spirit of disclosure I should also mention if you enter through my link I get two bonus entries ^_^

In non-running news, I have been feeling much better.  I’ve been catching some things up around the house this week, & yesterday I was especially productive.

And just for funsies, here is a pic I made of me as The World’s Most Interesting Person:

Me as The World's Most Interesting Person

I look like George Lucas!


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15 thoughts on “Weekly Running Update: Sept.10-16 (& A Yurbuds Giveaway!)

  1. I heart the app run keeper. You can create your own intervals, it plays over music, and it tracks distance, pace, and elevation.

  2. So happy for you! I can’t run and never will, the heart just won’t take it. But I run vicariously through you!

    As far as being the world’s most interesting Joy, Mission already accomplished, to me anyway. I saw your thread on facebook and how you want to learn to play guitar. ME TOO. I have one I just need to find a way of scheduling it or something so that I practice SOMETHING every day. Maybe knowing someone else is doing it will help me. I guess it will mean having to trim my nails down so I can fret. Oh well. I can still have my right hand a little longer. Do you have a lesson book or anything?

    • I don’t. I used to have Learning Guitar for Dummies, but lost it over the years. I have been trying to learn the guitar for ages, I just can’t ever get the hang of it. This time I got a cheap junior guitar to learn on, so it should be easier for me to get the chords with my little girl hands. I used to take lessons, but I never practiced, so I quit because it was a waste of money since I couldn’t improve in just an hour a week & I felt embarrassed when I went & hadn’t learned anything since the last lesson, lol.

      I have been working on getting myself on a regular schedule, & put singing, learning guitar, & practicing my Spanish on there daily.

      • That’s me as well. I was doing ok when I took my guitar to work with me and practiced on my lunch break. I was getting about 20 minutes of practice 5 days a week. But then I got to the F Chord in the book and hit a brick wall. I took a group course and did pretty well with that, but since then, basically nothing. I had to sell my first guitar to pay bills and it KILLED ME. (damn gambling ex boyfriend >_< ) but I made him get me a new one, its a Daisy Rock, (for some reason I always want to call it a Dixie Chick) and it's purple and it is dusty but otherwise pristine. I really need to get her down and stop neglecting her. She's made for a girl so has a slightly smaller body and neck so like you, hopefully easier for my little girl hands. She sounds pretty even though I only basically know a few chords and a couple of scales. Also, I found a Chrome extension for guitar lessons and another for chords so maybe that will help.

        • I used to have a beautiful black Alavrez. I even had the action adjusted & the strings replaced with lighter ones to make it easier to hold the placements, but without ever even trying it after that I ended up selling it eventually for the same reason (bills, not a gambling boyfriend).

          I just pinned a purple Daisy Rock Pixie last night! I like the smaller neck & shallower, rounded back. Not something I’ll be getting till I actually learn to play now, but the one I have now is cute enough & small.

          I’m going to look for that extension.

        • Oh, I just found a free tuner xtnsn for Chrome. That might come in handy.

          • I got that and a chord extension as well. I took my baby down and dusted her and played a couple of chords, but I was apparently distracting Harry from his homework so I put her back, but I am hereby making a declaration that I will put my hands on her every day, to at least run through a couple of scales or practice some chords. I need to get those beautiful callouses back and build up that muscle memory!

    • OMG maria – we can duet via video chat! we’ll be like the indigo girls with better hair!

  3. Yay! Hooray for improvements! The coach in me would like to suggest that you only increase one or two days to 4 miles and keep one at 3 for a few weeks. You don’t want to increase too quickly or you run the risk of injury.

    Is your phone a smartphone? Does it run Android? I like Runkeeper a lot. I have all kinds of different intervals set up for when I do long runs (either a 3:1 or a 7:1 ratio) or track workouts. I can set it to call out time in 5 minute intervals if I’m just going to do a little out and back, like I did today.

    • I’ve been thinking about that, & was going to message you the other day & ask your opinion. My only concern is I thrive on regularity & when I mix things up it often all falls apart. Would be a good idea though because I know as the mileage adds up I won’t be able to run it all 3dys a week. I’ll give running 3mi one day a week a shot though. It’ll be good to have a day I run the entire thing. It’ll keep my confidence up.

      My new phone is a smart phone, but it’s a Nokia & they have their own thing. I looked at Runkeeper, but they stopped supporting my platform in May of this year:( turds.

      • I hate proprietary software. That’s one reason I never climbed onto the Apple bandwagon.

      • Jerks!

        Well, They say to increase no more than 10% a week to avoid injury. With my stuff, we usually have, like, a 35 minute day, then a 40 minute day, then another 35 minute day THEN our long weekend run when we’re adding mileage. Then when we sustain for a few weeks, we might add in one day of track workout too — for maybe 30 minutes, but drop one of those 35s to 20 minutes. Or we keep it at 3 days but the long day is bumped to 45 minutes of hill intervals for 2 weeks, then we drop it back to 40 mins easy. If you can bump one day to 4 miles for a couple weeks, then make it 2 days at 4 miles for a couple weeks, that might make it easier.

        I just want you to stay excited and injury free! 🙂

        • Good point. I was planning on doing 4mi in 2wks, but have been thinking I should push that back to 3wks because of the 10% thing. I am just worried I won’t make the 13.1mi mark by April 😦 Surely though I can. It’s 7mos away. In my heart I know by April I will be able to run an entire HM & do it in under 3:30.

          Also, I found an interval timer app I can use, & it will run while Endomondo is running so that’s good. (I’m new to all this fancy phone stuff so I was afraid they wouldn’t work together.)

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