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Modifications for yoga twists (and tips on making friends with your belly) | Yoga with Nadine

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fat belly yoga mod by Amber

Modifications for yoga twists (and tips on making friends with your belly) | Yoga with Nadine

Pictured above we have the lovely Amber Karnes of Body Positive Yoga, a yoga instructor,  blogger, & owner of a fat belly (like so many of us).  This is her recent guest post over at Yoga With Nadine.  Amber was kind enough to post this to the Yoga group at Fit Fatties for me to find!  Thanks Amber ^_^

I must admit my favorite part of the article was:

On a good day, I modify the pose, and I still get all the benefits of the twist. On a bad day, I look at the celery stalk next to me, looking blissful in some crazy twist plus bind, and think about how much it sucks to be a fat ass butternut squash.

There was a cute pic that goes along with that part, but it’s not the meat of the post so I thought I should choose an image that better suited the topic.  Because that’s what grown-ups do, right?

She starts out be talking about bellies & yoga, & gives some suggestions for learning to love & work with it.

Breasts, thighs, legs – what are you, a bucket of chicken? Your body is so much more than the sum of its parts. Thank your body for working in synergy in miraculous ways to carry you throughout your day. Oh, and tonight, do something nice for your body. We take care of the things that we value – show your body (including your belly) that it has worth by treating it to a massage, long bath, or a soft snuggly robe.

She treats us to a funny video urging us to let our bellies hang out & breathe, & then she walks us through modifications for a few twist poses, including how to use props.

I used to do yoga regularly, but naturally when I started to see some progress I quit.  What would any normal person do?  I’ve been trying to get back into it, but… you know…  Someday I will & this will be very helpful.

So run (or click) over & check out her post!


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