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"My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style." ~Maya Angelou

Weekly Running Update: Sept.17- 23


“Perseverance is not a long race; it is many short races one after the other”
~Walter Elliot (Think Exist)

Just do it. (Nike swoosh) Even if it sucks.

-One great run this week, flubbed the rest. Next week will be better!
(Found this on tumblr. I traced it back to Hey Funniest, but couldn’t find the exact post.)

So… this week started out great, but went down hill from there.  Tuesday I ran 4mi at 12min run – 1min walk intervals.  Did great.  All miles under 18mins, & without even trying I ran each mile faster than the last.  I’ve run one mile faster than a previous mile, but I have never gotten faster on every mile.  I ran the last mile 42.3secs faster than the fist mile.  GO ME!  Then Thursday came…

Tues, 9/18
1/2mi walk, 4mi x 12/1 run-walk intervals, 1/2mi walk =1:35:47.9
Mile 1: 17:57.4
Mile 2: 17:49.9
Mile 3: 17:34.1
Mile 4: 17:15.1
Average Pace: 17:39.1, 3.39mph
Best. Run. Ever. (for me)  Really excited to see the under 18min miles coming more consistently.  I’m feeling very can-do about my 15min pace for the HM in April.

Thurs, 9/20
1/2mi walk, 3/4mi run, 1/4mi walk=21:43 (last mile only)
FAIL.  This run was just another one thing after another run, which collapsed.  It was a lot of lack of prep/forgetfulness on my part, along with ignoring what I know about myself – routine. routine. routine.  I decided to take some smart advice & instead of doing the 4mi every day, to run 3mi one day of the week.  Okay, I’ll try it, it makes a lot of sense, but I know where this could go.  I also decided since I was only doing 3mi, I would add another loop to my route that would add a hill.  Then I forgot my water.  When I got to the park & realized I didn’t have my water, I had the first mental flag planted this was not going to go well.  I decided to try it though & see how far I could get, also I had forgotten my running towel & thought it would be nice to run without holding anything.  Then at about a half mile, my mp3 player died because I forgot to charge it again.  Then about 3/4 of a mi in, on the extra loop, I started really flagging.  I couldn’t understand how I was already dragging & I wasn’t even 1mi in or had gotten to any of the hills.  Then it hit me… I didn’t have my pre-run snack.  Not only had I not had my snack, I hadn’t eaten much all day.  Mental flag #2.  I decided to keep pushing, but I was coming apart.  I got close to the bottom of the big hill, & when I looked up at it & thought about what it felt like to run up it even when I was prepared, that was it.  It all fell apart & I decided to walk out the rest of this loop & go home.  I told myself I would come back the next day.

Fri, 9/21 

Sat, 9/22 
Worked on my novel, but I did tell myself I would go Sunday.

Sun, 9/23

Speedy Gonzales running

So that was my running for the week.  One good day, one attempted day, & a lot of broken promises.  However, the week is over.  I’m ready to shake it off & start fresh on Tuesday.  I’m just going to run 3’s this week since I have my 5K on Saturday (yay).  I participated in my first #RunChat tonight, so I’m all pumped to run again.  One of the questions was when did you first really feel like a runner, & I responded about duct taping my blister so I could run.  I got a couple of replies about that being hard-core, so of course I really felt like shit because I’d let my runs for the week fall apart over one bad day.

I’m working on a racing shirt for Saturday, but I haven’t been able to find a shirt to make it with.  The funds are too low to buy a new shirt & when I went to Goodwill today I couldn’t find one big enough.  I found a few that fit me, but I want something loose that doesn’t hug my boobs & long enough to cover at least part of my butt. I’ll have to dig around in my stash here & see if I have a plain shirt that will work.  I know I have some in colors, but I really want white so the design will show up better & I won’t have to worry about what colors I use.  Oh well, I will use what I have & be grateful I have a mega craft stash!

So… any crappy running stories to make me feel better?


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2 thoughts on “Weekly Running Update: Sept.17- 23

  1. we all have good runs and bad runs. Even marathon winners and Olympians have shitty days. It’s all part of it. You just shake it off and take the next run. Always one run at a time.

    So you didn’t make it out the rest of the week. I’ll tell you, you’ll be ok. Just go on Tuesday. Hey, that’s today!! Get out there!! 🙂 I still think you’re hard core, even if you only made it out once last week. It’s just one moment in time and isn’t going to screw up your goals. I promise.

    • Yeah, I was back out there tonight. Followed the same route as Thurs, ran 3.38mi. It was slow, about a minute & half slower than I’ve been doing but there was an extra hill in there. Overall, it was a good run. It got dark soon after I was out there, so I go to run alone just me, the trees, & the moon. It was very peaceful, excepting of course the part where I have to run through an unlit portion of trees & I always think a werewolf is going to get me. Not sure why a werewolf rather than an ax murderer or a mad rapist, but I always think of a werewolf hiding in there.

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