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Epilepsy Drug Shows Promise as Weight-Loss Aid, Study Says | MedlinePlus


foot on a scale from NIH

Epilepsy Drug Shows Promise as Weight-Loss Aid, Study Says: MedlinePlus

Ugh, another diet pill story.  Usually I pass these things by, but this one just got under my skin tonight.  I wasn’t really in a blogging mood, but since I did a mini-rant on my personal fb page I figured I might as well go ahead & do this while I have my ranty pants on.

Patients who took 400 milligrams of the anti-seizure drug zonisamide daily for a year lost nearly 7.5 pounds more on average than those assigned to dietary and lifestyle changes alone, the new study found. But they also suffered more side effects than patients not taking the medication.

Emphasis my own to point out to you this medication only averaged an extra 7.5lbs IN A YEAR over lifestyle changes alone.  And what are some of those side effects?

But patients in both drug groups faced a higher risk for side effects, including diarrhea, headache, fatigue, nausea/vomiting, concentration and memory difficulties, anxiety, and depression-related symptoms.

Do any of those sound like fun?  Do any of them sound worth an extra 7.5lbs in a year?  Of course, that’s a subjective question everyone has to decide for themselves, but for me the answer would be a resounding NO.

Having struggled with Depression since I was 14yo, along with having IBS, anxiety, chronic headaches, & pretty much all of those things listed, I find it disturbing they would so easily shrug off the side effects over such a small amount of weight.  Diet pills in general make me want to puke, but as I said this especially gets to me.

If it’s really about health, why don’t we promote nutrition & exercise, & leave the bull shit like diet pills out of the equation?  (Not to condemn people who go that route.  It is a personal thing that’s everyone’s right to choose for themselves.  This is just my general opinion on the issue.)  And why don’t we spend more time promoting those for every body, not just the fat ones?  People talk about losing weight for our health, but if you can be a size 2 while sitting on your ass scarfing cheeseburgers all day no one says boo to you.  They think you’re a magic unicorn & wish they could be so lucky.  Doritos don’t count as health food just because your jeans are the right size.

I am going to close by stealing a comment from a friend of mine who is epileptic:

My seizure meds can be used as diet pills too if given the right dosage, but the side effects from something like Zonegran is far out and I wouldn’t be taking it if I didn’t have to.


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4 thoughts on “Epilepsy Drug Shows Promise as Weight-Loss Aid, Study Says | MedlinePlus

  1. I have Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension. (I think that’s what they are calling it now, they changed it several times since I’ve been diagnosed) One of the first questions they asked me when I was first in the hospital being diagnosed; Have you ever taken diet drugs, have you taken PhenFen. Apparently a large percentage of the people developing this condition are female, around my age (mid thirties to mid forties) took diet pills over the years. So you can lost weight and destroy your heart and lungs in the process! whee!

  2. yea I agree…these Pharm groups need to do better studies. I used to take anti-seziure meds for my migraines and it contributes to weight loss as well. BUT the side effects are awful….it altered the taste of all sodas, gave me tingling sensations in feet and hands (you know like when they fall asleep—it hurts after awhile!), affected my memory as well as my concentration and speech. It was insane. Sure the migraines stopped for a bit, but I was miserable with new issues.

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