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New Shoes & Death Sinuses


“People fall so in love with their pain, they can’t leave it behind. The same as the stories they tell. We trap ourselves.” ~Chuck Palahniuk

My feet wearing my new black Brooks Adrenaline shoes with gray speed laces.

New shoes on my feet!

This will actually be a three-fold post: my new shoes, my first run since the 5K, & the fact that I’m *coughcough* dying *coughdramaticcough*.

First, I went to Fleet Feet Huntsville on Monday planning to get the new version of my beloved Saucony Omni ProGrid.  Sadly, neither I nor the store had anticipated the popularity of my shoe, so they were out of stock in my size (8.5 wide). *le sigh*  Since it was an hour drive & I had a coupon from the 5K I decided to take this as an opportunity to step outside my brand loyal comfort zone.  He showed me the Brooks Adrenaline & some Asics, & I ultimately decided on the Brooks.  I have heard so much about the brand, it seemed like the thing to do.  In hindsight, I wish I had thought to ask for the Brooks Beast since that was a close second when I got the Omni before.

Fleet Feet Huntsville from the outside, decorated for Halloween

Fleet Feet Huntsville, decorated for Halloween

I was feeling anxious at the store & stressed about not getting the shoes I wanted, plus I hadn’t run, walked, or done anything in the over 2wks since the 5K, so I wasn’t as careful about this purchase as I had before which is sad.  I did run in them, but there were several people around inside the store & outside on the sidewalk & I had not worn the right bra for running, so I was feeling too self-conscious to really get a good feel for them.  They felt off in the arch, but I went ahead & got them in the hope they’d feel better when I got them in my element.  Nope.

I went for my first run last night since getting out of the hospital.  I’ve been sick for a while with a sinus infection, so I took it easy.  I ran the big loop around the park at no particular speed & walked when I felt like walking.  I started out faster with a few walk breaks, but about midway I slowed down & didn’t need to walk anymore.  I ended up doing 1.41mi in 25:40, just a little slower than usual.

Sunset over the creek on my running route

Sunset at the waterfront portion of my run

For the shoes inaugural run they did okay.  I replaced the insoles with my stability insoles, but I’m not sure I like that.  I still felt the arch issue.  The arch feels like it is just a bit forward for my foot, not uncomfortable just off.  My feet felt fine running & feel fine today, so I don’t know what that’s about.  After running over the chunky gravel I noticed the ball of my foot felt like there was no cushioning in the shoe.  I’m going to try them tomorrow with the original insoles to see if that helps; it may be that my stability insoles need to be replaced.  Either way, that gravel sucks.  It’s big chunky loose pieces, & I have turned my ankle a few times on it.  The loop is intended for driving not running.

One last thing to say about the Brooks Adrenaline (to, ya know, close my not-much-of-a review).  They need to come with a lacing diagram!  The shoe is an asymmetrical mishmash of holes, tabs, & loops, including tabs with & without corresponding holes in the shoe.  I didn’t notice the lacing as I took the originals out, so when I went to put my speed laces in I was very confused.  I searched for some useful info online, but couldn’t find anything.  I fumbled around, trying it a few different ways, & finally got something that works comfortably.

Brooks Adrenaline

Brooks Adrenaline

As for the dying bit, okay I’m not really dying, no more than we are all dying all the time anyway.  I have had chronic sinus issues since the apartment I was living in 4yrs ago flooded.  Constant headaches, ringing ears, can’t breathe out my nose when I’m running, etc, all the usual issues.  For the last several weeks it has been especially bad, so I figured it was another sinus infection.  In the hospital they gave me antibiotics & a steroid shot, then recommended I follow-up with my own doctor after I was released.

Yesterday I went to my doctor, & now along with my usual sinus troubles, I have a sinus infection & seasonal allergies kicking my butt.  Since I now am blessed to have insurance again, I brought up the issue of permanently fixing my sinus issues.  She did a cat scan, & it was bad enough she had the tech come get me from the room so I could see the scans for myself.  My head is full of polyps, thickenings (maybe those are the same thing?), & I guess gunk.  There was one big area she pointed out.  “This is supposed to filled with air”.  The empty spaces were all represented by black; this entire area was solid gray.  No wonder I feel like shit & can’t breathe through my nose enough to not run with my mouth open like a panting dog.  It especially sucks when you are running through a gnat swarm like I did last night >_<

Devils dancing in my sinus cavities

My (highly inaccurate) interpretation of what my sinuses look like right now.

She said it could take 3-4mos to finish clearing it up.  She gave me shot in the rump, a stronger antibiotic, & a decongestant.  I asked for some Diflucan in case the K-flex gave me a yeast infection, but she didn’t want to give me the pill because the meds I’m on now are already taxing my liver.  My poor, poor liver:(  I’ll be happy to finally have a clear head though when it’s all over:D


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7 thoughts on “New Shoes & Death Sinuses

  1. Hope you feel better soon! I’m actually checking out a running store next weekend called Road Runner and they record you running on a treadmill and tell you what shoes will fit best. My current running shoes are Saucony brand too. But, my knees been aching so Idk if it’s the shoes or just me. Hopefully the new shoes will do the trick!

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  4. Ugh, the sinus thing. I haz empathy. I was told that I didn’t have a sinus infection last time, it was overactive allergy response. I was given ClaritinD and some steroids and it cleared up. Now I stay on the regular 24 hr Claritin, and when it started acting up recently I took some 12hr decongestant and that cleared it up. I hope I don’t get that nasty clogged up head again for a LONG time, like, never. We hates it!

    • sinuses suck! my allergies are in hyper drive now as well. they are always worse spring & fall, but from time to time they just get ridiculous. i remember the first time i was rx’d claritin; it was like heaven. i’m back on flonase too thankfully. can’t wait for that to fully kick in.

      i look forward to not having all this stuff anymore, & *cross your fingers* hope my ears will finally stop ringing. i’m worried though since it has been 4yrs the ringing might not go away 😦

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