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"My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style." ~Maya Angelou

Weekly Running Update: Oct.15- 21

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“We all have bad days and bad workouts, when running gets ugly, when split times seem slow, when you wonder why you started. It will pass.”
-Hal Higdon 
(Gibson’s Daily Running Quotes)

Woman running, "I can choose to let it define me, refine me, confine me, outshine me, or I can choose to move on & leave it behind me."(Found at Favorite Run’s fb page.)

Since I spent those two weeks in the hospital, this was my first week running since the 5K.  Decided to take it easy for that reason & because of all the crap currently trying to escape my cabeza.  I ran the big loop around the park this week, & it’s gone pretty good. Had to walk a few times Wednesday, ran it all Friday, & walked out the last little bit tonight.  However, my times have been great without even trying.

A couple of other things:

1.  I have been considering since the 5K maybe racing isn’t for me.  I don’t really like being around all those other people.  Being back out there alone this week has really brought home just how much I did not like running (or walking) with all those other people.  I do want to still do some for funsies, but I just have to accept that I am not going to be my best out there.  Maybe with experience it will get better, but it does have me worried for the HM.

2. Hated the Brooks Adrenaline.  Called Fleet Feet Huntsville today & they are ordering me the new Saucony Omni ProGrid for an exchange.  Hurray!

This week I’ve just used my Endomondo, so I didn’t track my wu & cd with my runs.  I’m feeling more comfortable with the GPS tracking.

Wed, 10/17
1.41mi run, walk when needed=25:40
Mile 1: 18:11
Average Pace: 17:57.9, 3.34mph
Ran the first half mile at close to my HM goal pace of 15:00, so that was cool.  Had to start taking walk breaks after that, then my running pace settled down & I was able to entirely run the last leg (so I averaged a smidge faster overall than I did the first mile).

Fri, 10/19
Mile 1: 16:43
Average Pace: 16:32.1, 3.63mph

I messed up the timer & missed about the first 0.3mi of my run, so I based the distance on Wed’s run since it was the same route & used the time from the last 1.11mi to figure the overall time & average.  Does that make sense?  After I realized I restarted my timer I didn’t look at it again, so when the app announced I had run a mile in 16:43, I almost fell over in the road!  I wasn’t doing anything different & I didn’t feel any faster, so it was a complete shock.

Sun, 10/21 
1.46mi run (walked the last 0.18)=25:04
Mile 1: 16:03
Average Pace: 17:16.9, 3.49mph

Wow! I was super fast that first mile 😀  Again, not even trying so I was surprised again.  I was thinking about my feet though & how I wanted that sense of both my feet being off the ground at the same time.  I ran the long way around the turn-around loop at the boat dock, so that’s why it was a little longer.  Started flagging after the first mile & ended up having to walking the last little bit.  I was getting wheezy.  I can’t wait till all this stuff is out of my head/lungs/wherever it all is now, & my allergies drop out of hyperdrive.  I think I might cough myself to death.

Speedy Gonzales running

I’d say that’s a pretty good week for taking it easy.  Looking over the numbers here, I’m not sure everything looks right but that’s the numbers I got & I’m not sure how they could be off really.  I did the math myself, but the times & distances should be right.

I’m back in my worn out old shoes for a couple of weeks till I can get my new shoes, so I won’t be doing a whole lot.  That suits me though, because right now I don’t feel like doing any training type stuff.  I just want to get out, run around, & not worry about anything for a while.  My priority right now is to clear my head, physically & mentally.  Someday I’ll be able to breathe through my nose again!


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