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"My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style." ~Maya Angelou


Weekly Running Update: Oct. 29- Nov. 25

“Success is not final; failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”
~Winston Churchill

A droopy caterpillar becomes a happy, soaring butterfly: "Don't lose hope. (You never know what tomorrow will bring.)

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Sorry I have been remiss in my posting.  I have been in a funk for the last few weeks.  Since my mom died the holidays have always been difficult for me, so it seems to be this way every year.  I have still been running though.  Not as much, but a day or two each week at least.  I started a holiday running challenge to run every day from Thanksgiving to Christmas, but alas I broke my streak (of two days, lol) Saturday because I spent the night with a friend & didn’t come home until late that day.  Then Sunday I pretty much spent all day in bed & yesterday… I pissed around until it was too late to go.  Today would be my regular running day, so I am going to run today.  I have had some good times lately though, so I am at least pleased with that.  I’m getting closer to my 15:00 goal.  Haven’t made any progress on my 10K program, mostly because I can’t get motivated for the cross training & strength training days.  I have always had trouble adding anything other than running to my routine.  Adding new things ends up with me quitting everything; I’m so weird.

I have just in general been so unmotivated about everything.  I hardly want to get out of bed most days.  However, today I am posting this & have already gotten started on some things around the house.  Also I got started on a rather ambitious new crochet project.  For my dad’s birthday (which was last week…) I am making a pillow for the University of Alabama.  The front is going to be red with a white “A” in the middle done in graph crochet & the back is black & white houndstooth.  I have already finished the back & the houndstooth stitch was a new one for me.  This is also my first time doing graph crochet & since the design is really simple I think the only difficult part is going to be getting the graph right so the size works.  I think I finally have it figured out, but we shall see when I start over on it today:~/

On the plus side, I have spent more time around friends lately & even met some new people.  I dusted off an old dating profile & have been talking to a few guys online in hopes of getting some offline dates.  Got to get back in the game so I’ll be ready for all the men when I get to Portland!

I have had some eating/weight issues lately, but I think I’ll save those for their own post because there are some things I’ve been meaning to write about.

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Three hot fitness trends for 2013 | NY Daily News

woman doing push-ups

(Image from article, links to source)

Three hot fitness trends for 2013 – NY Daily News

Their predictions:

  1. Functional training
  2. Women lifting heavier weights
  3. HIIT – or High-Intensity Interval Training

It’s the second one that excites me.

“In their lives, women typically receive no encouragement to do serious strength training,” Steven Shrago, co-founder of CrossFit London, told Relaxnews, noting his dislike of pink dumbbells marketed to women. “To me, that is hugely insulting, and the opposite of empowering.”

But as more people are drawn to hardcore workouts like Crossfit, that very well may change. “Many modern women are refusing to be intimidated by rigorous weight training and are jumping right in alongside the guys,” writes website Slimming Point. “Overall, more can be accomplished with a solid weight-training routine than hours of cardio, and even more women will be aware of this in 2013.”

Death to lady weights!  I am annoyed by the whole notion that women shouldn’t lift anything actually heavy because we might bulk up & become unfeminine.  blah  I really got annoyed when I was working with a trainer & she wouldn’t let me lift much weight because the goal was to lose weight, not gain muscle.  What she had my lifting felt like air to me.  That’s not strength training, that’s a really poor excuse for cardio.  I would rather be strong than willowy thin.

I found this article via Pace Per Mile. (They have a radio show & it will automatically start when you open their home page.)

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Exercise Makes You Smarter | Psych Central News

New research shows that a regular exercise routine can boost cognitive function.

Psych Central exercise makes you smarter

Exercise Makes You Smarter | Psych Central News

I like this study 😀  (naturally)  Another great reason to be active.

In the study, previously sedentary adults were put through four months of high-intensity interval training. At the end, their cognitive functions — the ability to think, recall and make quick decisions — had improved significantly…

My favorite part is

…began a twice-a-week routine with an exercise bike and circuit weight training.

Just two days a week!  Who can’t do that?

Read the rest of the article here & a link to their source.

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Happy HAES Holidays Workshop | Dances With Fat

Whether you celebrate a holiday or not, this time of year can be a really stressful for people who practice Size Acceptance and/or Health at Every Size. Tons of mixed messages around food, dealing with family, trying to set weight neutral resolutions and goals while everyone else is starting their new diet. I’ve put together a group of speakers to give you information and ideas to support you having a happy holiday season.

Happy HAES Holidays Workshop « Dances With Fat

I realized after posting about Virtual Curvesfest the other day, I hadn’t posted about Ragen’s holidays HAES workshop.  It’s coming up November 13th & 15th.  Registration is name your own price, & the suggested cost is $39.

You get Ragen Chastain, CJ Legare, Golda Poretsky, Chenese Lewis, & Jeanette Depatie.  There’s a list of workshops on the site.