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Three hot fitness trends for 2013 | NY Daily News


woman doing push-ups

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Three hot fitness trends for 2013 – NY Daily News

Their predictions:

  1. Functional training
  2. Women lifting heavier weights
  3. HIIT – or High-Intensity Interval Training

It’s the second one that excites me.

“In their lives, women typically receive no encouragement to do serious strength training,” Steven Shrago, co-founder of CrossFit London, told Relaxnews, noting his dislike of pink dumbbells marketed to women. “To me, that is hugely insulting, and the opposite of empowering.”

But as more people are drawn to hardcore workouts like Crossfit, that very well may change. “Many modern women are refusing to be intimidated by rigorous weight training and are jumping right in alongside the guys,” writes website Slimming Point. “Overall, more can be accomplished with a solid weight-training routine than hours of cardio, and even more women will be aware of this in 2013.”

Death to lady weights!  I am annoyed by the whole notion that women shouldn’t lift anything actually heavy because we might bulk up & become unfeminine.  blah  I really got annoyed when I was working with a trainer & she wouldn’t let me lift much weight because the goal was to lose weight, not gain muscle.  What she had my lifting felt like air to me.  That’s not strength training, that’s a really poor excuse for cardio.  I would rather be strong than willowy thin.

I found this article via Pace Per Mile. (They have a radio show & it will automatically start when you open their home page.)


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4 thoughts on “Three hot fitness trends for 2013 | NY Daily News

  1. Hey! Thanks a lot for sharing these fitness trends. They seem really great.

  2. I decided to take teeny weeny newborn baby steps in trying to move more, since I realized trying too much would be counter intuitive to my condition. See, if I try to do too much I get chest pain, can’t breathe, possibly faint and get wiped out for several days. So this weekend, I took baby steps.

    I went grocery shopping without using the electric cart. I hit 4 stores, and only needed a few things from each store, so I walked it with the push carts. Even with loading and unloading and walking the carts to the corrals and everything, I made it without wiping out. I was tired at the end of the day I had trouble breathing even though it was hours later, but fine the next day.

    The study meds I am taking seem to be helping too, now that we have me at a reasonable dose without horrible side effects. They were trying to raise my doses too much too soon and my body couldn’t deal. But now I’m doing somewhat normal, and I’m functioning fine.

    But the point is, I tried to do a tiny bit more and I didn’t die! And its all your fault 🙂 ❤

  3. I love weights, I used to hate lifting because of all the wrong reasons. Now that I have started working out and eating healthy, I have learned to love my muscles and how to properly exercise them.

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