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Using Workout Time Well: A Personal Trainer’s Tips | Life Lived Healthfully

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Time, or lack there of, is one of the biggest obstacles we face when trying to stick to our exercise regiment. Whether it is getting in a run before work or pumping some iron in between classes, making the most of our gym time is crucial.”

Katie, personal trainer (source: original post)

Using Workout Time Well: A Personal Trainer’s Tips | Life Lived Healthfully

It’s January & the gyms are jam-packed.  Most people have made resolutions to get fit/healthy/skinny/muscley/whatever.  That makes this some very timely advice!  Especially for once the New Year’s high wears off & all the stuff you’ve been ignoring while you’re at the gym comes back to haunt you.  (There’s always something, right?)

So here are some tips from a personal trainer on making the most of your time in the gym (or wherever you are) from Sarah at Life Lived Healthfully.

  1. Circuit train
  2. Think big muscle groups
  3. Short rest breaks
  4. Add cardio
  5. Plan ahead

Those are the points condensed to their most basic, but I suggest you click through & read the post in its entirety for more detailed advice.


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