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TedMed: Peter Attia: What if we’re wrong about diabetes?

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“Getting the cause  & effect right is extremely important… maybe we have the cause & effect wrong on obesity & insulin resistance.  Maybe we should be asking ourselves, ‘Is it possible that insulin resistance causes weight gain & the diseases associated with obesity – at least in most people?’  What if being obese is just a metabolic response to something much more threatening, an underlying epidemic, the one we ought to be worrying about?”
Dr. Peter Attia, “What if we’re wrong about diabetes?”

I received this video in a newsletter from Upworthy today.  It is a TED talk given by Dr. Peter Attia.  The topic of his talk is the idea that fat isn’t the disease, it’s a symptom, something a lot of people have been saying for years.

He suggests obesity is a healthy coping mechanism for dealing with insulin resistance, & points out that obese people without insulin resistance have no greater risk of developing the associated diseases than lean people without it, but lean people with insulin  resistance are actually at greater risk than the corresponding obese people.


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