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30 Days of Curvy Yoga: Yoga for Your Body | Marianne Elliott


Yoga has proven benefits for people of all shapes and sizes. But sometimes it can be a real drag to try out yoga among the hip, pretzel scene.

This course was created for everyone who contacted me about wanting a yoga practice for your body–the one you have today that carries you through your day, picks up kids after school, navigates an old illness or injury and offers a warm ear to a friend.
~Marianne Elliott (

30 Days of Curvy Yoga: Yoga for Your Body | Marianne Elliott

After AG’s yoga-themed guest post the other day, what did I find in my inbox?  Class info for 30 Days of Curvy Yoga!  It’s hosted by Marianne Elliot with Anna Guest-Jelley (of Curvy Yoga).  I have mentioned Ms. Guest-Jelley a few times before here: Curvefest, the holiday HAES workshop, & the HAES master class.  The timing seemed fortuitous, so I’m sharing. 🙂

Registration is open now & class begins Oct. 7.  You can sign-up for a one time payment of $175 or spread it out with $40 weekly payments for five weeks.

Since I know you are wondering what you get for the money, I c+p this bullet list from the site!  (Of course the page is full of more information on the class, the teachers, their practices, & plenty of fan blurbs.)

What is 30 days of yoga?

It’s a unique online yoga course that brings the benefits of a yoga class (access to your teacher and connection to a yoga community) into your own home. The course includes:

– A 45 minute ‘Rock Your Curves’ yoga practice. You download the practice to play on your computer or iPod and can keep it once the course is finished;
– Additional weekly practices to complement your ‘Rock Your Curves’ practice including a pranayama (breathing) and a meditation on being kinder to ourselves.
– Weekly live calls where Anna and Marianne will share additional gentle practices and answer your questions about your yoga practice or about yoga generally.
– Daily emails from me throughout the 30 days addressing the main challenges people face in establishing a regular home yoga practice, with practical tips and gentle encouragement to help you overcome them.
– Access to a private course site where you’ll be able to access all the lessons and resources of the course.
– Optional membership of a private 30 Days of Curvy Yoga Facebook group for support and encouragement
– The option of being allocated an online 30 days of yoga buddy for encouragement and accountability. This really helps many people with their commitment to the practice;
– An e-book containing all the written materials from the course.

There is also the option to purchase extended coaching & you can sign-up to be notified of the next time it’s offered if you can’t make the class this time.

If you participate, report back & let us know how it went!


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2 thoughts on “30 Days of Curvy Yoga: Yoga for Your Body | Marianne Elliott

  1. If I had the spare change I would definitely want to take that course!

    • It would be nice, but I don’t really have the space for it, or the money either. Plus, at Daddy’s the internet is too crappy to even dream of something like that. I tried to do Anna’s free yoga workshop, but i couldn’t even watch it.

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