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Calming Manatee On HAES


“You can eat healthy at any size.”
Calming Manatee

calming manatee 12

Calming Manatee

I ❤ Calming Manatee, & when I saw this on the site I knew it belonged here.  (And just to clarify the post title, I wrote it based on this one image & do not actually know if CM has an official stance on HAES.)

Health is a choice; weight is not.  There’s no need to throw in the towel on a nutritious diet because it doesn’t get you into a pair of size 2 jeans.  Maybe it will, maybe it won’t, but you’ll be the better for it either way.  Eating better = feeling better, & what’s the downside to that?

For those interested, I dug up a few links about HAES & nutrition:
Heart-Healthy Diet Helps Men Lower Bad Cholesterol, Regardless of Weight Loss
HAES Community
National Eating Disorders Association
Association For Size Diversity & Health
American Psychological Association
Healthy Weight Network (pdf)
The Fat Nutritionist

And a quick running update!

About to head out for a run.  I have switched from the Zombies, Run! 5K app to my own intervals using the Endomondo pro app.  While I enjoyed the ZR!5K story, I did better using regular intervals (C25K style) previously & runs for distance rather than time.  I’m so slow that even if I finished the ZR!5K program I doubt I would be running a solid 5K by the end.  As for the regular intervals, maybe it’s an OCD thing but I prefer a program that maintains regular intervals through the run rather than mixing it up.  I set intervals over an hour.  I walked 6mi a few weeks ago, 3mi there & 3mi back, & it took me an hour each way so it seemed like a pretty good place to start.  I might be faster, but I can’t be slower (I hope).

I do still want to finish listening to the 5K app’s story & will use the original Zombies, Run! app for my runs.  It might throw my intervals off, but not by enough to matter.  I like the random brief bursts of speed, emphasis on brief, & collecting things to build my compound. ^_^


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3 thoughts on “Calming Manatee On HAES

  1. I “invested” in the Zombies, Run! app when I upgraded to iPh 5… I’ve enjoyed it too but haven’t listened in a while – need to get back to it…

  2. This is great. Thanks for sharing!

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