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Curvy Pose of the Month: Sun Salutations | Curvy Yoga

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The yoga mat is a good place to turn when talk therapy and antidepressants aren’t enough.
~Amy Weintraub, (Quotes Garden)

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As a subscriber to Curvy Yoga‘s newsletter, I get the Curvy Pose of the Month.  I’ve been considering getting into a morning Sun Salutations routine for a while, but just haven’t gotten around to it.  (Don’t we all have those things?  It’s the same thing with playing the guitar.)  This month’s curvy pose is the sun salutation, so it seems like it could be kismet.  I finally got my hands on some Tylenol Arthritis, but my body still isn’t up to yoga though so it will have to wait a little longer (however I think could manage a pretty strong Mountain Pose & Upward Salute.)

Since this is a newsletter, rather than a blog post, I’m going to be a little more liberal with the c+p than I usually am.

Rather than taking you through every pose, I thought I’d just highlight some handy tips for making your Sun Salutations curvified.

1. Step your feet wider: Sun Salutes start with Mountain pose, or Tadasana. This is often taught with feet together or hip bone distance apart, but that’s not always the right base of support for everyone. I recommend stepping your feet a comfortable distance apart, and by comfortable I mean that you feel stable and spacious, like you have some room to move. By starting in the right foundation for you, it gives you more space for the poses that follow.

2. Make space for your belly: When you step back from Standing Forward Bend to a Lunge, there can sometimes be too much compression between the thigh and the belly, which doesn’t feel good. If that happen for you, step your front leg wider (so if your right leg is forward, scoot it more to the right side of your mat).

3. Work your dog: Down Dog doesn’t work for everyone; it’s actually a quite challenging pose, even though that’s not always acknowledged. If it doesn’t work for you, skip it and go to Tabletop instead. If your wrists bother you in the pose, trying placing your hands on the rolled up top of your mat or a blanket to decrease the angle of your wrist and/or come onto your forearms instead of hands.

4. Step forward with more ease: I believe the trickiest part of the Sun Salutation is when you step forward from Down Dog to Standing Forward Bend. What happens for me and lots of curvy folks is when that move is initiated traditionally, the knee comes directly forward – right into the belly, which doesn’t feel good and/or impedes movement. The good news, though, is that there are lots of other options, including: (1) Step your front foot wider. Rather than bringing it behind the corresponding hand, step it outside that hand; (2) Drop your opposing knee down to the mat, then step your other foot wider. The down knee gives you a little leverage here; (3) Take your forward foot high up into the air first then use that momentum to bring the leg forward; (4) Don’t step forward: Walk your hands back to your feet; (5) Take as many small steps as you’d like to come forward.

There’s always more I could say about Sun Salutation options, but hopefully these will give you some things to experiment with.

Hope everyone is having a great day!  I’m going go watch movies & crochet baby shoes for a friend now. ^_^



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