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Shoe Lacing Techniques


A shoe that is too large is apt to trip one, and when too small, to pinch the feet. So it is with those whose fortune does not suit them.
~Horace (Brainy Quotes)

Running Warehouse video on lacing techniques to solve foot problems when running

Yesterday, Running While Fat talked about changing her laces to parallel lacing to avoid her foot going to sleep while running.  I have had the same problem, & always assumed I was tying my shoes too tight.  It’s why I switched to speed laces (until I got my groovy Sauconys with the red/black striped stretchy laces).  I like the neon green laces of the shoes I have now, so I am going to give parallel lacing a shot.

Along with the video above,  here are a few links I dug up on lacing techniques.  They do show some different problems & solutions, but they also show the methods in different ways: videos, photos, & diagrams.  Should be something for everyone’s visual learning style!  (Being a self-taught crocheter, I can appreciate the need for a variety of references.)  You’ll also find different ways of solving the same problem.

Katie Runs This shows us a few lacing alternatives using photographs.

Capture runners world shoe lacing videoRunner’s World provides some solutions using individual videos

Here are more suggestions from Feet First using diagrams.

And for fun, here is a list of shoe lacing options from Ian’s Shoelace Site mixing the functional with the fun.


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4 thoughts on “Shoe Lacing Techniques

  1. This is a good subject that many people never think about. It can be relevant to the average Joe or Jane who just wants to exercise for 30 min. three times a week.

  2. OMG THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! Harry has sensory issues with his shoes. He can’t tie them himself because he doesn’t have the hand strength to pull them tight enough and still complains about the heel slipping. The very first technique in the top video addresses that problem! I tried it on his shoes and had him walk around a bit and he agreed it was better! So you helped someone that wasn’t even a runner!

    I’m going to tell his dad so he knows why it’s different. But still, w00t!!

    THANK YOU! ❤

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