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"My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style." ~Maya Angelou

Yale University Thinks I Have an Eating Disorder | Frances Chan

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Yale University Thinks I Have an Eating Disorder | Frances Chan

“…because the University blindly uses BMI as the primary means of diagnosis, it remains oblivious to students who truly need help but do not have low enough BMIs. Instead, it subjects students who have a personal and family history of low weight to treatment that harms our mental health. By forcing standards upon us that we cannot meet, the University plays the same role as fashion magazines and swimsuit calendars that teach us about the ‘correct shape’ of the human body.”

HAES.  It’s not just for fat people.

A Facebook friend posted the Gawker article about this HuffPo blog post today.  It took a lot of clicking to get this. I hope you appreciate it! 😛  Someone very thin who was forced into medical intervention based on her BMI.   I found the part about becoming so stressed out about food she came to resent meals & losing her appetite.  It’s the sister problem to finding yourself more obsessed with food when trying to cut back for weight loss.

I had a long day yesterday & the evening blew up in an emergency so I missed my first day of posting this month. 😦  Going to try to get a few posts like this in the queue to give myself a cushion & time to work on something a bit more substantial.



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