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Things Not to Assume about Fat People & Yoga

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Love Thy Fatness

A Facebook friend shared a link to this on Chubby Bunnies’ tumblr, so I chased it back to the source for you. 🙂  If you need more inspiration, there are a couple more pics in the original post; plus lots more inspiration in the tumblr.

Love Thy Fatness is a size acceptance blog.  They shared this post about some plus size yogis helping their instructor prepare to lead a workshop for other instructors on body positive cues & modifications.

When she asked the question, “What do you wish more yoga teachers knew about creating body-positive classes?”

Their responses were:

Don’t assume that we aren’t as strong or flexible.
Don’t assume that this is my first ever yoga/fitness class.
Don’t assume that I hate my body.
Don’t assume that I’m there for weight loss.
Don’t assume anything about what I eat.
Don’t assume anything about my health.

These are some of the reasons I’ve never been entirely comfortable in yoga classes, or a lot of exercise classes for that matter.  I hate the feeling of the instructor waiting for me to die any second or snap in half.  In one yoga class we were guided through a move where she suggested we use the wall for support.  I was one of only two people in the class who did it without support. Take that non-believers! 😛

What would you  add?


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