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Working On A Midfoot Strike

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“If you want to become the best runner you can be, start now. Don’t spend the rest of your life wondering if you can do it.”
~Priscilla Welch (The 32 Most Inspirational Running Quotes)

My research into better running form led me to the midfoot strike.  I had never thought about where my foot landed before, so it was an interesting new concept.  I had however noticed going up the hills on my trail was more comfortable, & even running after I reached the top of them.  When I tried the midfoot strike, I realized my trudge up the hills seemed similar, so that was probably the difference & at the top I kept doing what I had been doing.

For me, the best part of the video was his exercise to get used to the landing midfoot.  He points out the difference between running & walking is when you run there’s a point where both of your feet are off the ground, so it’s more like jumping in that sense.  So to start practicing landing midfoot, start by jumping up & down a few times, next start lifting your feet & run in place a little, then just start moving those steps ahead.  Voila, midfoot.

I like the guy in this video.  He was relaxed & funny, easy to understand.  Plus he has a little goatee, but I’m not sure why that made the video better for me.  I’m not generally a facial hair person. I have nothing against it;  I’m just not “ooh, goatee” most days.   I think it’s because it set him apart from the guys on most of the running videos & blogs I’ve seen.

There seems to be some discussing on whether midfoot strike is better than a heel strike, but I’m not promoting one as better than the other, just sharing what I am learning.  Having banged up knees, I do appreciate Bobby McGee’s comparison of the two, stating midfoot puts less pressure on the knees; though he admits it’s a trade-off for “increased stress in their plantar fasciae and Achilles’ tendons as well as the calf muscles.”  He also hands out some good advice on effective heel, midfoot, & full foot striking, as well as form in general.

Over at Runner’s World, Alex Hutchinson enlists science, chart & all, to compare energy usage between heel & midfoot.  Heel wins out for less energy expenditure.  Interestingly, the difference changed according to speed.  It wasn’t a a huge difference, especially at higher speeds.

If you prefer text to video, & more detail, has some advice from Trisha Reeves on finding your midfoot.


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