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Spearmint Tea For The Excess Face & Body Hair of PCOS


Thought I would follow-up yesterday’s post on inositol by talking about spearmint tea.  It’s another hot topic in the PCOS community.  Not just the PCOS community.  As an anti-androgen, it helps the symptoms of PCOS by reducing the amount of testosterone in your body.  In one long & enthusiastic thread on the topic, I read about men who used it to slow down beard growth so they didn’t get five o’clock shadow, it also made shaving easier, & a trans woman who used it to help with  her hormones & facial hair.

This is for spearmint tea, not peppermint tea.  Some people do report using peppermint oil externally to slow body/facial hair growth & improve the hair on your head.  Always, always, dilute your peppermint.  Never use straight peppermint oil.  For the hair, some people put it right in their conditioner or shampoo.  I haven’t tried this yet, but I have the peppermint oil for it.

I shall remind you, I am not a health professional.  All of this is what I’ve learned from the internet & personal experience. 

Check with your doctor, including your psych provider, before starting anything.  Don’t die & sue me.  I have nothing for you to get.

Regretfully, some of this is from research I did previously but lost the bookmarks for & can’t find again.  I think the thread I mentioned above, which was a great thread, was on an page, but since they’ve redesigned the site I can’t find the comments. 😦

Research has shown two cups a day does the trick.  It’s generally recommended you don’t drink more than three cups a day.  My box of tea even said as much.

So, as an anti-androgen, spearmint tea reduces the testosterone in your body & lessens the growth of excess body & facial hair.

When I started I drank two cups a day & I saw results pretty quickly.  In this area, facial hair is my biggest problem.  I first noticed it came in slower, then it was softer & there was less of it.  That lasted for several weeks.  For some reason I stopped drinking it for a few weeks.  When I started back I didn’t see the same results.  I have no dramatic stories about drinking tea.

I couldn’t find straight spearmint tea locally.  If you have a Whole Foods near you they sell it loose.  I used a couple of blends I found at Wal-Mart, until I was able to order some from

From Wal-Mart, I bought Plantation Mint & Mint Medley from Bigelow Teas.  At Amazon I ordered Traditional Medicinal’s Organic Spearmint Tea.  As far as feeling good about myself as a citizen of Earth, I preferred the TM organic spearmint.  On top of being organic, it’s non-GMO, fair trade certified, sourced from a small village in Egypt, & all TM teas are “pharmacopoeial grade herbs“.  Can you think of a more smug-worthy tea short of growing your own?  Taste-wise, Plantation Mint was my fave.  It’s a blend of spearmint & black teas.  Also, the TM tea bags were a higher quality.  I had fewer problems with holes in bags & broken strings.  (Alas, this is just me talking about things I’ve spent money on.  No request or compensation for this.)

As far as cost goes, I bought the TM spearmint in bulk at Amazon (six boxes of sixteen bags).  Not counting shipping, it averages out to about 22¢ a bag.  The two from Wal-Mart were $2.32 a box, twenty bags each, averaging out to about 11¢ each.

They will tell you it tastes good with honey.  They lie.  I also tried it white sugar & with agave syrup.  Nope.  Spearmint is naturally sweet though, so they are fine to drink alone.  I do enjoy them with a splash of milk, especially the Plantation Mint.  I also added a bag of the pure spearmint tea when I made sweet tea.  It added sweetness & a hint of mint, so I was able to cut how much sugar I added.  (I added one bag to a gallon of tea & then used 1/2c sugar.)

One caveat I must mention.  After drinking the spearmint tea — every time — I had ahem loose stools.  Don’t drink this on a date or during an important meeting.  Not if you’re me, anyway.  I have IBS, so my system is prone to such anyway.  It wasn’t sickening, mad-dash stuff, but it was something to keep in mind.

I hope this was helpful to someone.  Tomorrow I’m going to review an assortment of vitamins & supplements I’ve tried, & that will be it about vitamins & supplements for a while.  If you have any questions or would like to me to check out something, you can drop me a comment or email me at my gmail: My Year To Thrive (at) gmail (dot) com — no spaces.  I have gotten a few questions, & I’m considering doing a Q&A post in the future.  All questions are welcome, I do reply personally to all emails & comments, but sometimes I let my email go longer than I should & it takes a bit to dig things out. :-/

Here is a very lengthy forum thread on spearmint tea at Soul Cysters

Spearmint herbal tea has significant anti-androgen effects in polycystic ovarian syndrome. A randomized controlled trial.

Effect of spearmint (Mentha spicata Labiatae) teas on androgen levels in women with hirsutism.


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