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My New Favorite Vitamin, More Stuffs, & A Giveaway


Vitamin Wheel

Vitamin Wheel from Medical News Today

Okay, I’m going to wrap up the last three days of fish oil, inositol, & spearmint tea by reviewing various other things I’ve tried recently.

Let’s start with the basics: multivitamins.

For years I took One A Day’s Women’s multi, switching to Wal-Mart’s Equate version at some point.  They were vitamins.  Honestly, I could never tell a difference between taking them or skipping them.  However, I could tell if I took them on an empty stomach.  They have plenty of iron.  Always take iron with food.  It will tear your stomach up.  I also tried a OAD formulated for energy.  It made me sick, as most energy-touting pills do.

I looked at whole food vitamins at some point, but they cost too much to be practical for me.  However, recently I tried Alive! Once Daily Women’s Ultra Potency from Nature’s Way. From their listing on Swanson’s:

Nature’s Way Alive! Once Daily Women’s Ultra Potency is nutrition you can feel with more energizing nutrients from more natural sources than other multi-vitamin brands. This unique formula delivers 26 fruits and vegetables, extra B-vitamins for energy, and special nutrients for breast health, urinary health, and hair, skin and nail health. Contains no salt, sugar, yeast, wheat grain, dairy products, artificial flavorings, colors or preservatives.

I could tell a difference right away.  My mood & energy have improved.  It’s not dramatic, so not making me feel weird.  I just feel normal, more motivated.  This is my new vitamin.  I ❤ it.  At $10.99 for a two months supply, it’s pricier than what I was taking, but it’s still not bad.  Definitely worth it IMHO.  That’s a lot cheaper than similar vitamins.

Oh, it did make my pee bright yellow.  My urine is normally very light-colored because I stay nearly as hydrated as a fish.  From what I’ve read it’s the B vitamins.  Other than that, no problems.  I just had my annual a couple of weeks ago.  I told the gyn about it & he said it’s all A-OK.

I am not a health professional, this is just me poking around the internets & buying things.

I am not affiliated with Swanson’s other than I buy a lot of stuff from them, since I’m already getting my inositol there.  The referral code is something all customers get.  The item being given away was purchased with my own money.

If you are going to be adding any vitamins, supplements, or herbs to your regimen, it’s important to be aware of everything you’re taking & how they interact together, with your prescription meds, & with any conditions you may have.  Some things can be harmful in higher doses, so if you are taking a multi, double-check amounts if you add any other vitamins.  Just because something is natural, doesn’t mean it can’t be harmful.

Speaking of energy, I had similar results with another product I tried from Swanson’s: Enzymatic Therapy’s Daily Energy B Complex.

 Enzymatic Therapy’s Energy B Complex was designed by fatigue expert Jacob Teitelbaum, M.D., author of “From Fatigued to Fantastic,” Daily Energy B Complex delivers the B vitamins necessary for the healthy function of blood, brain and nerve cells. It’s a great way to support energy and endurance and to help maintain mental alertness in the face of fatigue. (From Swanson’s product description)

I got the same mood boost & increase in motivation, without feeling weird, jittery, or nauseous.  Since I get the same boost from the new vitamin, I have an extra bottle in my stash I won’t be using.  I wonder if it might make me feel twice as good, but it seems like something I’d regret if I tried it.  I already feel pretty good, so why push it?

Those are the best things I’ve tried besides the inositol & spearmint tea, but here’s a few other things I’ve tried.  Swanson’s has a lot of sales & free shipping deals, so when I put in my order I tend to toss in some things on sale I’d like to try.  I space out trying new things, which means they end up shoved in a box & forgotten about. >_<  Whoops.

Swanson Ultra Vitamin D-3 with Certified Organic Coconut Oil  TBH, I couldn’t tell a difference taking these.  However, like other oil pills, I don’t think they really feel like anything.  Although, some say coconut oil might give you energy.  From what I’ve read, it looks like most of the improvements would be in health markers like cholesterol, blood sugar, etc.  Maybe after my next physical I’ll start taking them again & see how things look in a year.  I only took it for a month, then gave my second bottle to a friend.  She’s hoping it will help with her arthritis.

Here is what WebMD says about taking coconut oil.  It is used for a myriad of things.  The same goes for vitamin D-3, also called Cholecalciferol.

Certified 100% Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil  I’ve only tasted it so far.  Tastes great.  I bought it to mix with peppermint oil (which I also bought), but haven’t done it yet.  I need to find a container & get on that.  Think I’ll try oil pulling too.  A friend tried it with coconut oil & had great results with her teeth.  I don’t know about any of the other claims for oil pulling.

Swanson Condition Specific Formulas Sleep Essentials  I’ve been taking these a few weeks.  At first nothing changed, but I have been sleeping much better lately.  However, given the nature of Bipolar Disorder, I have no idea if it’s the pills or just a the natural shift of my sleep patterns.  I got it on a 2-for-1 deal, so I have a four months supply.  Plenty of time to see how it works.  It’s made from a “combination of melatonin and calming herbs, including passion flower, valerian, chamomile, skullcap and hops”.

Chasteberry Fruit  This is one I just found stuck in the box, so I haven’t tried it yet.  It claims to have progesterone-like effect & be useful for PMS, including mood & water balance.  I guess that’s why I bought it.  I buried it under some presents I need to deliver.   Guess I’ll start it tonight.

Swanson Premium Hair, Skin & Nails  Okay, so this worked.  On my toenails.  I took it for one month, & my toenails were the longest & strongest they have ever been.  However, I didn’t notice a difference in my hair, skin, or fingernails.  While I have always had weak toenails, I’ve never worried they weren’t long enough.

If you do choose to order something from Swanson’s, new customers can use  my referral code & get a $5 coupon.  Full disclosure: If you make a minimum purchase I get a credit too.  However, I’m not saying what the minimum is because I’m not doing it to get something for me.

Now, I said I would be giving something away.  Remember the extra bottle of B Energy pills I mentioned?  Since I won’t be using them, I’ve decided to give them away here.  Yay!  They are unopened, still have the cap wrap & in the box.  The bottom box flaps came unglued, but don’t hold that against me. 😦

Daily Energy B Complex

OMFG! You could win me!

To enter:

  • Subscribe to this blog
  • Comment on this post.  Why do you want more energy?  Or just say something nice.  I like hearing nice things. 🙂

Earn one bonus entry for each of the following:

Leave a separate comment for each one with your user name.  Same goes if you already follow me.   Each comment is an entry, so if you put them all in one comment you only get one entry.  TBH, I’m not very active on the social medias other than new posts, so you will not be overwhelmed by my postings.  Promise!

If you’d prefer not to leave your social media info in a public comment, you can email it to me.  Just comment to let me know you’re sending it.  Again, one for each site.  Email: My Year To Thrive (at) gmail (dot) com no spaces — you know the drill, use the subject line “Contest Entry”.  I’ll be filtering the messages by that subject, so make sure yours gets to the right place!

That gives you four chances to enter.  I’ll leave this up for a couple of weeks, so you can enter through Oct. 2nd.  I’ll draw & post the winners here Oct. 3rd.  The winner will have one week to contact me with their shipping info, or another name will be drawn.  I’ll be using to pick the number.

Good luck!


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9 thoughts on “My New Favorite Vitamin, More Stuffs, & A Giveaway

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  2. I just bought a formula called “Brighten Up”: multivitamin + herbal compounds. Think it’s got inositol in there as well! (Too soon to tell if it’s helping) I’ve been arbitrarily adding an extra 2 g of Vit C…

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  5. Enter me please! I also follow you on facebook and tumblr. Like everyone else, I could definitely use more energy!

  6. I have been struggling with my depression lately. Maybe this will help me get out of my slump.

  7. Awesome, sign me up! If I had any less energy, I would be decomposing. *sigh* Thanks for the giveaway! *crosses fingers*

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