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Review: Toadking Mood Tracker app for Android

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Toadking version 1.1

I was asked to check out the Toadking Mood Tracker app & possibly review it here if I thought it was useful.

Well, I checked it out & I have to say I am finding it very useful. It’s a really great app, & I’ve tried a few for tracking moods, meds, sleep, a variety of things. It allows you to track any ten things you can rate on a scale of 0-10, so it’s useful for more than just moods. For instance, you could use it to rate different aspects of your runs: like how it felt; how you felt before, during, & after; any pain; breathing; etc. All sorts of things.

The interface is simple & intuitive, & the User Guide is comprehensive & easy to navigate. It’s easy to track as well as easy to check & share you history, both of those give you options for how you’d like to do it.

The app is free with no ads. There is a Paypal button discretely placed at the bottom of the user guide for anyone who would like to pay something to the creator.

That’s the short version. Hit “Read More” for the walk-through review with lots of screen shots! 🙂

Capture Toadking iconFirst, the adorable icon of a toad wearing a crown. It might not matter to many people, but I like seeing the Toad King on my home screen. He’s very pensive looking.

When you open the app you can see that is has a simple design. Other than the super cute Toad King icon, the layout of 2014-09-18-10-23-20the app is clean, so it moves much quicker than my tracker app loaded with cutesy. The design is very intuitive, & if you do have any questions, the User Guide is one of the best in-app guides I’ve seen, thorough, easy to read & find what you need, written very clearly, & it has plenty of screen shots.

The first screen gives you options to enter today’s data, edit your markers, modify history, backup, view history, share data, & the user guide.

Edit markers is where you add the areas you would like to track. You can see from my pic I chose to chart my irritability, depression, anxiety, exercise, suicidal thoughts, sleep quality, appetite, obsessing, & violent thoughts. There is also a space to add more descriptive info to each one. To make it fit on the 0-10 scale I chose to track my exercise in 5min increments, with anything 50mins or more being a 10.

Toadking markers daily tracking markers edit

Then you’re all set to enter your data for today. It’s a straight forward process of checking a number beside each of your markers.

Toadking markers daily tracking entering data

If you forget a day or want to go retro when you start, hit Modify Data. That takes you to a screen where you can choose another date to update. It takes you to the same screen as today’s data.


Backup allows you to back up your information on your phone & if anything happens it lets you restore the data as well.

View History takes you to the chart functions. There are five different ways to view your history: Text List Ascending, Text List Descending, XY Plot Chart (Fill), XY Plot Chart, & Bar Chart.

Toadking markers charts

From the history screens you can also choose to share or export your data & images. Export backs it up to a file & share brings up the typical list of shares for your phone.


Share on the home screen brings you to a check list of your markers, & you can choose which ones you want to send & how.

That concludes my review!  I give Toadking Mood Tracker two thumbs up.

EDIT: A note function has been added, so you can add notes to your ratings & see them on the charts.


I don’t know why you would want them, but all of the screen shots used in this post are my own, & belong only on this blog unless there’s credit & link back.  Also, if any money is made I want it!


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